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Miracon diguised as Time Force Blue.

Miracon as Nadira.

Miracon is a big-brained mirror-themed mutant that is able to go inside mirrors, drag other people in them, and create mirror worlds. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Reflections of Evil".


Just like all other mutants, Miracon was created in the result of an accident on the genetic enhancement facilities. Before the events of the series, he was captured by Time Force organization and frozen in the Cryo-prison. In the thirty-fourth episode Miracon was released by Ransik and went to serve Nadira and help her defeat the Power Rangers. Miracon met Nadira in the clothe shop and agreed to help her defeat the Rangers. Miracon attacked Silver Hills and started terrorizing people. He encountered the Rangers and lured them into the building and used his power to drag the Rangers into his mirror world. Miracon then met Ransik and Nadira and Ransik was glad of the mutant's work. The Rangers had to defeat all mutants to escape the mirrors. Nadira was sure that the rangers couldn't escape. The Rangers encountered the mirror versions of their old enemies in the mirror world, such as Redeye. The heroes battled the mutant and were losing but they managed to defeat him by using Vortex Blaster. Then they had to battle Ironspike. Jen and Katie fought the villain, but again the mutant had the upper hand. Then Wes, Lucas and Trip arrived. Later the heroes met a new mutant, who wasn't seen earlier: Angelcon. He summoned Cyclobots. The Rangers battled the Cyclobots and then Angelcon was defeated by Katie, who used her Chrono Saber at full power. Wes encountered Miracon in the final mirror. Miracon easily defeated the Red Ranger. Eric arrived and the two rangers together battled Miracon in his dimension, but even together they couldn't overwhelm him. Wes and Eric only managed to overpower the villain by working together and combining their abilities. Miracon was defeated by the Chrono Strike and the final mirror was broken, but Miracon removed his chain of DNA, enlarging himself. Circuit summoned the Time Flyers to defeat Miracon. Miracon battled the Zords and managed to change the polarity of the Time Shadow Megazord, turning him against the Rangers. Eric summoned Quantasaurus Rex to aid his friends. Rex morphed into the Megazord Mode and returned the Time Shadow Megazord to normal. Miracon was finally defeated and frozen by Quantasaurus Megazord. Lucas placed his action figure in the container. Reflections of Evil 

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Leg.


Miracon was a cunning, manipulative, and villainous mutant, who enjoyed manipulating mirrors and playing with his enemies. But he is also loyal to Ransik and Nadira.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Miracon can change his appearance at will.
  • Strength: Miracon possesses big strength and was able to effortlessly defeat all the Rangers in his mirror dimension.
  • Skilled Fighter: Plus to his strength, Miracon is also skilled fighter.
  • Energy Blasts: Miracon can fire cyan energy blasts.
  • Mirror Manipulation: Miracon possesses absolute control over mirrors.
    • Mirror Teleportation: Miracon can teleport and travel through mirrors.
  • Intangibility: By scanning his opponents' attacks with his eyes, he can make his body except his head intangible to avoid getting hit.
  • Shock Tentacles: He can sprout cable-like tentacles from his arm to ensnare his opponents and produce cyan lightning to shock them. In his giant form, this ability was able to turn the Time Shadow Megazord against the Rangers.
  • Enlarging: Just like all other mutants, Miracon can enlarge himself, using his Seal Patch.


  • Staff: Miracon carries a staff in combat.
    • Energy Bolt: Miracon can fire green energy bolts from his staff.
    • Energy Deflection: He can deflect energy from his opponents' attacks with his staff.
    • Energy Laser: His staff can fire cyan-colored energy lasers.

Behind The Scenes



  • Miracon is the only mutant who used the previous mutants, which the Rangers earlier defeated.
  • He is also the only mutant who took control over one of the Megazords.

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