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Minokasa Bōma (ミノカサボーマ Minokasabōma, 5) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who serves Boma Princess Jarmin

Character History

Released from a seal over a minokasa outfit by Jarmin, Minokasa Bōma uses his straw hat in his Return to the Feudal Era Jutsu to convert people to those of the feudal Edo era so humanity would lack the knowledge to stop them while causing chaos with modern-day items. Daichi ends up running from Minokasa Boma's minions with a boy who is on the run due to his doctor being transformed and thus changing his diagnosis from "helping him heal" to "chop off his foot to prevent it from rotting". Ultimately with the help of the other Turborangers, Black Turbo confront Minokasa Boma, using his Turbo Laser to shoot down his hat and slashing him before the team uses their Plasma Shoot to destroy him. After Jarmin grows the Boma Beast, the hat is once against destroyed by Turbo Robo's Turbo Laser before he is fully destroyed by Kousokuken's Turbo Crash.


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Minokasa Boma's main weapon is a straw hat which can be used as a weapon on his own due to tendrils upon he that can attack while he flies through the air. His main ability, though, is the "Time Reversal Jutsu", which transform anyone who wears it other than himself into someone from a different time, who likewise have the values and mentality of that time and not the modern era; he uses it to turn people back to the Feudal Edo era to confuse the ancient and modern worlds and cause chaos.

Behind the Scenes


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