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"I am Minizord. Storm Megazord, Thunder Megazord combined. Thunderstorm Megazord formation."
―Minizord's first words [src]

The Minizord is an auxiliary Zord of the Ninja Rangers. It later becomes known as the Ninja Zord[1] which functions as a manifestation of the Ninja Storm Ranger powers.


Power Spheres #7 & #8 contained the parts which composed the Minizord. The Minizord is a small humanoid Zord that enables the Storm Megazord to combine with the Thunder Megazord to make the Thunderstorm Megazord.

Later on, it was reconfigured into the physical manifestation of the Ninja Storm Rangers' Legendary Powers used by the Super Mega Rangers. It has a significantly different design with a dark green, gold, silver, and red color scheme, borrowing elements of the Samurai Star Chopper, another Power Rangers Ninja Storm zord.


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Additional Formations


  • In Super Megaforce, it wields two shurikens similar to the one used by the Samurai Star Megazord and Hurricane Megazord, one of which functions as a slashing weapon or throwing star, and the other which the Zord rides on.
  • The American toy release of the Super Megaforce Minizord doubles as an homage to the In Space team, where it can transform into a Mega Winger like form.
  • The Minizord is one of the few Zords that can talk.
  • Minizord is voiced by Greg Johnson.

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