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Mine Mask (機雷仮面 Kirai Kamen) is the tenth of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Mine Mask introduces himself to Temujin and the Black Cross Führer by exploding several mines he had set about throughout Japan, including around tankers and beneath the ground. With their trust, he sets up a scheme where he uses Zolders to plant mines all around Japan; all of the mines have a special receiver which, when the trigger is struck, would cause a massive eruption destroying the entire nation simultaneously. When Asuka and Peggy encounter him first, they soon discover the receiver while Shinmei and Oiwa track the mine placements through Variblune and Kaijo and Gonpachi keep track of the locations on a map back at the Gorengers' headquarters.

After finally tracing down Mine Mask with the last of his mines set up, he reveals the shocking truth: the trigger for the simultaneous mine explosion is him, and will go off the moment he dies. After initially trying to commit suicide with a gun, Akarenger steals it away with his Red Bute. He later has Temujin try to kill him using a Zolder firing squad but Momorenger and Midorenger save his life even as rocks fall on top of them until Peggy removes the receiver and neutralize the threat. With Mine Mask's threat finally dealt with, he tries to dig himself to hide away before being destroyed by Gorenger Storm: UFO Tactic. Ep. 30: Golden Columns of Fire! Consecutive Mines, Big Explosions


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Modus and Arsenal

Mine Mask's main weapon is a mace that he can fling around with a chain, as well as emit smoke out of and throw mines called the Kirai Hammer. He also has multiple gun turrets that he can fire out of from his head. However his most dangerous is a receiver which, when struck upon his death, will set off any mines he has set up simultaneously, thereby making his destruction emerge even after his departure.



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Behind the Scenes

  • The mine in his name refers to sea mines, thus the spherical shape of his head and his usage of a mace for a weapon.


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