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Mind Over Matter is a comic story based on Power Rangers Megaforce, which was printed as part of the 18th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



At Ernie's Brain Freeze, the Mega Rangers still cannot believe that they were chosen to be Power Rangers. Meanwhile, onboard the Warstar alien ship, Admiral Malkor sends out his latest monster, Psydoze. Back at Ernie's, Loogies attack so the Rangers morph and defeat them very easily. The Rangers then get transported to Gosei's headquarters where he congratulates them on their victory, but believes that the battle was just a distraction as he has detected more strange alien activity at another location. As they arrive they see Psydoze and attack but he blocks every single one of their attacks then he leaves. Back at Gosei's headquarters, he tells the Rangers according to his analysis Psydoze has the ability to read their thoughts which gives them an idea. Psydoze returns and the Rangers head out to battle him again, this time they think the exact opposite of what they do, Red Ranger thinks Strike Low but Strikes High hurting Psydoze then the other Rangers do the same. The Rangers then mix up their thoughts to confuse Psydoze by thinking about motorbikes, football and cats giving them enough time to combine their weapons and blast him. Admiral Malkor sends his Zombats which revives Psydoze and causes him to grow a lot bigger. The Rangers call their Mechazords and combine the Gosei Great Megazord. As they battle, Psydoze blasts them with a Confusion Attack jumbling their thoughts for a few seconds. The Rangers then grab a satellite dish from the roof of a building and hold it up just as Psydoze fires another Confusion Attack, this time it deflects off the satellite dish and hits Psydoze causing him to think about motorbikes, football and cats. This gives the Megazord time to attack with his sword destroying Psydoze for good. Admiral Malkor is not happy and vows revenge.[2]




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