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Mimilar is Vader Monster "30" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Mimilar is specifically summoned by General Hedrer to sabotage the works of the magician Tenzan Asakaze, who was bringing hope to children through his tricks. When he tries to force Tenzan into working with the Vader Clan, the magician states he "rather die than work for them", leading to Mimilar sabotaging an exploding box trick he was testing out and thus killing him. With his death, Tenzan's daughter Mari decides to get into magic to continue his legacy and to bring about his dream of creating a caravan for children to be entertained with. Seeing how Tenzan's daughter wanted to continue her father's dream, Mimilar decides to force her into the same deal to eliminate her friend Daigorou using a saw trick. The scheme nearly works until they reveal the trick to allow DenziBlue to fake being sliced while she magically summons the other Denziman to assist them. The team fight Mimilar, with DenziBlue defeating his tricky flip attacks forcing him to grow and fight the Denziman as a giant; DaiDenzin uses Denzi Sword to protect itself before defeating Mimilar with Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main ability is to use a variety of magical abilities to confuse and to crush opponents, from magic flower dust to transformations, typically into a clown form who flips to elude his opponents. It also has the ability to blend in with other magic tricks to sabotage them, such as he does with Mari's father, and the ability to force those under its abilities to see illusions, such as he does with the female magician to force her to see herself first becoming old, then transforming into a cow. At one point after he is first created, he transforms into all five Denziman within Vader Castle, but does not use this ability in public or against the Denziman. He can also use telekinesis, a spear that emits hot sparks, change his size, levitate, use bombs disguised as pinwheels and rose petals, and emit gusts of wind from the giant ear for his head.

Behind the Scenes


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