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Mikoto "Meeko" Amano (天野 美琴 Amano Mikoto), is a character who appeared in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music. She met Daigo Kiryu during a journey years ago and they formed a friendship.

Character History

Meeko is an idol who was saved by the Kyoryugers during a concert invasion by them from a horde of invading Zorima. It turns out that Daigo Kiryu once met Meeko in France. Meeko gave Daigo a necklace so he will remember her. Before they can catch up, the ancient Knight of Deboth Deathryuger kidnaps her. Meeko is actually a direct descendant of an ancient superhuman race, and inherited a special power that can be activated through song which could awaken the hidden Tobaspino.[1] Meeko is later given the Tobaspino Zyudenchi after the defeat of Deathryuger by Daigo as thanks for giving him a necklace when they met.

In Brave 39, Meeko returns to Japan after a tour to see Daigo. However, Yayoi shoots the roses, which reveals that Meeko was under control by D. Even though Daigo sings the Dino Soul melody to free Meeko, it doesn't work until Yayoi figured out a way to free her by having the ten Kyoryugers' melody to be harmonized. After having their melody to free Meeko, she then gives the Tobaspino Zyudenchi to Daigo so they can defeat D. When D was enlarged, she sang her song, weakening D and summoning Tobaspino as well, and continue singing her song until D was destroyed once and for all.

Behind the scene


Mikoto Amano is portrayed by Shizuka Nakamura (中村静香 Nakamura Shizuka), who previously portrayed Tamami Sugiyama (Tama-chan) in Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.


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