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Miki Masaki (真咲 美希 Masaki Miki) is a high executive of SCRTC and head of the special development department and is responsible for designing most of the Gekirangers' weapons.

Character History

She is an assistant to Master Sha-Fu and also a student of Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts, mastering the Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist (激獣レオパード拳 Gekijū Reopādoken) style. She was originally part of a previous triangle under Sha-Fu and Dan but became the only member to stay loyal to Sha-Fu and the teachings of Geki Juken, with her partners being Rio (who would abandon the path to follow the teachings of Rinjuken) and Gou Fukami (who would instead develop his own Shigeki style and become lost trying to bring Rio back).

She dislikes Elehung, even though he is attracted to her. Before training in Fierce Beast-Fist, Miki was an infamous sukeban in her youth and the former leader of the Kanto Sukeban Alliance. She also knows the SGS's Morio Makino from the Dino Curry she usually eats at. Her daughter, Natsume occasionally drops by to see her at SCRTC.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

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Engine Sentai Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger

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Mashin Sentai Kiramager

Miki Masaki, along with her daughter is set to return in Kiramager.Episode 27: Big Pinch Runner


These are techniques that can be utilized by Miki.

  • Fierce Ki Wave (激気振 Geki Shin): A standard Gekiwaza.
  • Fierce Ki Strike (激気打 Geki Da): A common Gekiwaza. Uses physical moves.
  • Fierce Ki Bullet (激気弾 Geki Dan): A common Gekiwaza. Uses special moves.

Leopard-Fist Gekiwaza

Miki Leopard Fist

  • Pierce-Pierce Palm (貫貫掌 Kan Kan Shō): Miki used this Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist Gekiwaza against the Rinshī in the first episode.

Behind the scenes


Miki is portrayed by Kazue Itoh (伊藤 かずえ Itō Kazue). Though an "almost Sentai hero" in Gekiranger, Kazue Itoh would later cameo as a "former Sentai hero", playing Kyoko Shiraishi, the seventeenth Shinken Pink, in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


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