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Mikey (マイッキー Maikki) was an Imagination-empowered toy from Mio's childhood, reminiscent of a shumai.

Character History

When Mio, now a ToQger, was tapped by Hammer Shadow's hammer, a man-sized version of Mikey manifested as something precious to Mio, he would then be destroyed by Hammer Shadow in order to draw darkness from Mio's heart, as was the Shadow Monster's modus operandi. Mikey had a habit of doing the opposite of what people told him, making him notoriously disobedient.

The other ToQgers aided Mio in protecting Mikey from Hammer Shadow. However, when Mio as ToQ 3gou stood before Hammer Shadow in order to protect Mikey, he did the opposite and stood in front of Mio to protect her from Hammer Shadow's finishing blow, leading to him fading away. However, Mio did not have any darkness inside her, only light to dispel the Shadows. Using the full power of her Imagination, she was able to beat back Hammer Shadow.

Later, aboard the Rainbow Line, Mio was confident that Mikey would be waiting for her back in their old town once the ToQgers found it. Station 15: The Thing In Your Heart

When Mio, in her true child form as a ToQger, was battling the combined forces of the Shadow Line and the Deboss Army, she used her imagination to summon Mikey. Told by Mio not to go on a rampage, Mikey proceeded to do the opposite and attacked the Kuros and Zorima. Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie

Behind the scenes



  • His voice actress, Kumiko Watanabe who previously voiced as Regina in Doki Doki Pretty Cure and well-known for voicing Keroro in Sgt. Frog. Similarly, they were portrayed as mischievous characters that eventually revealed their selflessness when helping someone. Mikey's voice as well identical to that of Keroro.
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