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Mika Yamaguchi is the younger sister of Musashino Academy teacher Misa Yamaguchi

Character History

A skilled and learned martial artist living in Hong Kong, Mika is approached by her sister Misa into counseling her on the various problems she had been having with her students, including the five who keep running off for some reason (unknowing at this time they were the Turborangers as well as the current problems with both Hikaru Nagareboshi and Sayoko Tsukikage (unknowing of their connection as the Wandering Boma). Giving Misa advice on how to deal with her students, Mika likewise decides to come to Japan for a short time to give her a hand.

In Japan, Mika initially confronts Haruna Morikawa (one of the "problem students") and faces her in a battle in order to figure her out. However while conducting her spying during an attack by Rage Flying Boma Zulten and his mechanical clone, Zulten Metal Type, Mika discovers the five trouble students as the Turboranger and realizes what is going on while thinking that she could try to use the power as well. Stealing one of Haruna's Turbo Brace, she tries to use it but causes a massive explosion destroying that half of the brace in her attempt to use it. However while it prevented her from becoming a Turboranger herself even with the revelation, she does further understand what Haruna and the others are doing when she sees Fairy Seelon for herself delivering a new brace half to Pink Turbo, thus proving she had the potential to be a Turboranger even if she failed to use the Turbo Brace correctly.

Even without the power of the Turborangers, Mika decides to help them, particularly after Misa becomes transformed into an "iron human" by Zulten Metal Type. Being forced to fight her sister, she breaks her from the hold that Zulten's clone held on her enough to allow for Misa to punch Zulten Metal Type in the gut to break the control on all those struck by him. Having saved her sister and understood what happened to those students, she leaves Japan back to Hong Kong on good terms with Haruna and the other Turborangers while keeping their secret from Misa.


  • Having lived and studied in Hong Kong, Mika has a vast knowledge and ability in kung fu which she uses to fight. However, she also does have the potential to become a Turboranger herself due to having the ability to see Fairy Seelon, thus suggesting she has fairy power within herself that can utilize the Turbo Brace to be a Turboranger if she wasn't reckless.



  • Mika is portrayed by Ryo Narushima; she returns the following season as Remi Hoshikawa/FiveYellow in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. Coincidentally, both of Ryo Narushima's characters are skilled in Kung Fu. Another irony is that the character of Remi is a school teacher by profession.

Behind the Scenes

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