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"If only...I had...met you sooner."
―Her last words of regret before dying[src]

Mika Retsu (ミカ・レーツ Mika Rētsu) is a character in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode of Stinger.

Character History

She was a half human, where one of her parents was a Monoceros alien. She was betrayed by her own town folks when Jark Matter attacked and manipulated them into believing that Mika was the cause for it. The town people began and continued to persecute her when she was in the town.

Thunderbird recruits her as a member of Jark Matter and ordered her to eliminate her own town folks. Eventually, she fulfilled her mission and become a Daikaan.

She later dies in regret in Stinger's arm after being defeated by Champ and Stinger himself, with Thunderbird delivering a fatal sneak attack. Stinger and Champ burried her and plant the Chamomile flowers onto her grave.


  • Mika Arm (ミカアーム) : A monstrous-looking right arm with a large index finger mimicking a unicorn's horn, mirroring where she was from.

Behind the Scenes


  • Mika Retsu is portrayed by Yuki Mamiya (間宮夕貴 Mamiya Yuki). Her suit actor in her monstrous Daikaan form is Sanae Hitomi (人見早苗 Hitomi Sanae)



concept art

  • Aside from the cryptid motif of unicorn, she is also based on the human combustion phenomenon. The flames and ammonite motives on her head symbolizes her hatred.[1]



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