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Miharu (ミハル) is a woman of the Ginga Forest engaged to be married to Hayate/GingaGreen.

Character History

Miharu was a girl who was friends with the Gingamen, particularly Hayate but Ryouma as well. The two once fought a duel regarding who would eventually marry her, which the Wind Earth user ultimately won. During their courtship, Miharu carved a special flute for Hayate that he would keep with him at all times even after being cast from the forest. She also trained in control of Earth, believing that being the future wife of a future Gingaman, she had to know how to use these abilities as well.

When the Space Pirates Balban were resurrected, Miharu was one of many within the Ginga Forest who became petrified by order of Elder Orghi in order to protect their home from being used by the marauders, particularly Steerwoman Shelinda who nearly accomplished this. During an initial encounter between Shelinda and Hayate in combat, the female pirate destroyed Miharu's flute, leading to the start of a rivalry between the two that would ultimately drive both of them for the remainders of the battle. Shelinda would even use an illusion of the fiance at one point to further drive GingaGreen to fight her.

After the Balban are finally defeated, Miharu and Hayate reunite within the Ginga Forest, ready to move forwards with their lives once again.


  • As a citizen of the Ginga Forest, Miharu has an ability to control Earth; however she does not control any particular element compared to the likes of Gingaman. However, Hayate has claimed that her abilities to control Earth creates a greater beauty compared to that of combat like his and his teammates.



  • Miharu is portrayed by Noriko Tanaka; she previously was notable as portraying Yukiyo Yamabushi in the Fushigi Comedy series Yugen Jikkou Sisters Shushutorian

Behind the Scenes

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