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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Album: A Rock Adventure is a soundtrack compilation of several songs performed by Ron Wasserman, under the pseudonym of "Aaron Waters" (also sometimes credited as "The Mighty RAW"), from the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The soundtrack was released on December 1, 1994 in the US and on December 13, 1994 in the UK released as Power Rangers the Album: A Rock Adventure.

Track listings

  1. "Go Go Power Rangers" (Long Version)
  2. "Fight"
  3. "Lord Zedd"
  4. "Hey Rita"
  5. "We Need A Hero"
  6. "Combat"
  7. "Go Green Ranger Go"
  8. "5-4-1"
  9. "Zords"
  10. "I Will Win"
  11. "Go Go Power Rangers" (TV Version)
  12. "White Ranger Tiger Power"
  13. "Power Rangers" (UK Bonus Track)
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