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The third and final season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the 3rd overall season of Power Rangers to carry the "Mighty Morphin" name. Its Sentai source was Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, which translated into Ninja Squadron Hidden Ranger. However, alongside Season 2, it did not use the Kakuranger suits for the core Rangers, which were used for the series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers instead. The 5 core Zyuranger suits from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and the Kiba Ranger suit from Gosei Sentai Dairanger were used primarily in Season 3. Much of the season was also heavily serialized, with multiple-part storylines sowing the seeds for events such as the Masked Rider television series, the eventual departure of long-running character Kimberly and the events that would tie directly into the opening episodes of Alien Rangers.

During the last airing of this Season until Power Rangers Zeo premiered, the "Today on Power Rangers" segments were replaced with the Zeo Serial shorts.

TV Version


The battle between the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Evil Space Aliens led by Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa continues as both sides gain new allies and powers. Rita's brother Rito Revolto arrives bearing new minions in the form of Tenga Warriors, and he also destroys the Rangers' Thunderzords and powers as part of a cunning trap. Zordon sends the Rangers to the Desert of Despair to meet with Ninjor, a legendary warrior who grants them Ninja Powers and new Ninjazords. Big changes also come to the long-suffering Bulk and Skull when they join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol and meet with their new boss, Lt. Jerome Stone.

As the Rangers continue to protect Angel Grove with their new powers, a wedge is inserted between them when an Australian gymnast/ex-diver named Katherine "Kat" Hillard comes to Angel Grove as Rita's brainwashed servant. Through Kat's manipulation and sabotage, long-serving Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart is captured and taken to have her Ranger powers drained away while Lord Zedd blackmails the other Rangers into using his newly-discovered Shogunzords to do his evil bidding. While the White Ranger Tommy Oliver sets out to rescue Kimberly and the others reprogram the Shogunzords to remove Zedd's power over them, Kat betrays Rita and aids the Rangers in their time of need. As gratitude for her help, Kimberly leaves her Power Coin in Kat's hands.

Kat takes to her role as the new Pink Ranger quickly, but disaster strikes when Rita and Rito's father Master Vile moves in with them (much to Lord Zedd's chagrin). Vile seeks the legendary Zeo Crystal, a relic that he wants to use to destroy the Earth, and it takes all of the Rangers' powers and skills to foil his vile plans. In order to keep the Zeo Crystal out of Vile's hands, it is shattered into five Sub-Crystals that are cast across the world.

Furious at the loss, Master Vile retaliates with a crushing blow by using his Orb of Doom to reverse time on Earth. Now helpless and powerless children, the Rangers can do nothing as Master Vile prepares to launch a final assault on Angel Grove...



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The Power Rangers for the entire season

Rocky, Adam, Tommy, Billy, Kat, Kimberly, Alpha 5 and Aisha.jpg

Power Rangers in Season 3 using new Ninja Powers.

Color Role Actor
White (Ninja) Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Red (Ninja) Ranger Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas
Black (Ninja)  Ranger Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch
Blue (Ninja)  Ranger Billy Cranston David Yost
Yellow (Ninja) Ranger Aisha Campbell Karan Ashley
Pink (Ninja) Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart Katherine Hillard Amy Jo JohnsonCatherine Sutherland

Metallic Armor


Ninjor Ninjor
Masked Rider Dex Stewart



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Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices






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Legend:◆ piloted zord, ➲ carrier zord, shared zord; colors are in reference to the Rangers who pilot them, not the physical color of the Zords

Ninjazords System

Shogunzords System


Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords


  1. A Friend in Need, Part I
  2. A Friend in Need, Part II
  3. A Friend in Need, Part III
  4. Ninja Quest, Part I
  5. Ninja Quest, Part II
  6. Ninja Quest, Part III
  7. Ninja Quest, Part IV
  8. A Brush with Destiny
  9. Passing the Lantern
  10. Wizard for a Day
  11. Fourth Down and Long
  12. Stop the Hate Master, Part I
  13. Stop the Hate Master, Part II
  14. Final Face-Off
  15. The Potion Notion
  16. I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
  17. A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I
  18. A Ranger Catastrophe, Part II
  19. Changing of the Zords, Part I
  20. Changing of the Zords, Part II
  21. Changing of the Zords, Part III
  22. Follow that Cab!
  23. A Different Shade of Pink, Part I
  24. A Different Shade of Pink, Part II
  25. A Different Shade of Pink, Part III
  26. Rita's Pita
  27. Another Brick in the Wall
  28. A Chimp in Charge
  29. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I
  30. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part II
  31. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part III
  32. The Sound of Dischordia
  33. Rangers in Reverse


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