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Issue 50 is the fifty first actual issue of Boom! Studios ongoing comic book series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which begins its numbering with Issue 0. This issue sees the end of the battle with Kiya and her Anointed forces, the teased return of Lord Drakkon and features the debut of the Red Tiger Omegazord.


An unknown object heads from outer space towards Earth. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers and Omega Rangers continue their battle against Dayne. They have a hard time against Dayne and Adam asks xi where Ranger Slayer is. Xi doesn't know and asks the Ranger to keep up the battle until he does. Tommy summons his Tiger Zord in battle mode to help the Omega Rangers in their Zord battle. Tommy hasn't much luck but the Omega Rangers reveal that their Zord are designed to naturally adapt with any other Zord. Jason and Tommy fuse their Zords together and creat the new Red Tiger Zord. 

The other criminals prove strong too, but Ranger Slayer and her Solar Ranger friends, Ari and Remi, arrive in time to defeat them and disable their connection to the Morphin Grid forever. Dayne flees from the battle scene. Trini fights Kiya and wins. Dayne frees Lord Zedd from his cell and Zedd forgives Dayne for failing to defeat the Rangers, making them even. Dayne teleports away and Zedd prepares another evil scheme.  The Rangers help the locals rebuild their home world. Ranger Slayers says goodbye to Ari and Remi who return to their home. Ranger Slayer says goodbye to Trini and also returns to her reality.  A while later, the Power Rangers are also back on Earth and talk more frequently over video phone with Jason, Zack and Trini. Rocky, Adam and Aisha are now more confident in their role as Rangers. Zedd returns to the Moon Palace, creates a new staff and declares his war against the Power Rangers is far from over. 

Alpha contacts the Power Rangers to investigate an unknown object that has landed, and they are surprised to find out that the object is none other than Lord Drakkon!


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  • This issue sold out and thus a second print was made in August 2020[1]


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