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Issue 36 is the thirty-seventh actual issue of Boom! Studios ongoing comic book series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which begins its numbering with Issue 0. It continues to feature the new team of Rangers of Beyond the Grid, which involves the aftermath of the Shattered Grid comic event.


The newly-assembled Power Rangers put everything on the line to win the battle but now a war has begun...and it's one they never anticipated! But if Grace thought her new team had time, she's wrong - the universe itself is collapsing![1]


The comic opens on a montage of various activities the Rangers have embarked on. On Korundum-5, a planet in The Void under the control of the Crimson Raiders, the Rangers mount an attack to liberate its people. In the Coral Craters, the team and the non-powered Rangers build a dam to stop a village from being flooded. On the Scorched Planet, the Rangers and Karone help the alien inhabitants evacuate the area as a volcanic eruption sends floods of hot lava close to a settlement. At the Agate Asteroids, the Rangers rescue civilians from a meteor storm.


The New Adventures of Blue Senturion and Ninjor

At Angel Grove PD Headquarters, Blue Senturion has locked up Monsieur Muster, who makes an empty threat that he will get out and make the cop part of his collection. Blue Senturion then heads to the Chief's office, who berates him for disobeying direct orders not to get involved in the case, violating multiple jurisdictions and breaking a few laws, but then praises him for cracking the case and hugs Blue Senturion because recovering all the stolen artifacts got the Chief a raise. Blue Senturion is a bit disappointed upon hearing this and as he leaves mumbles he should give the Chief a raise...of his blood pressure. He is surprised to see Ninjor waiting for him, stating that he forgot to return something to him, handing him a familiar key. Blue Senturion is surprised to see his Robo Racer has been restored and is standing in the parking lot. Ninjor fixed it and wanted to give it back to him as a way of saying thanks for helping him. Both of them admit they make a pretty good team and they should work together again sometime, shaking hands and referring to each other as "BFFs of Justice".

The End


Power Rangers

Ranger Slayer Kimberly Ann Hart
Magna Defender Mike Corbett
Zeo Ranger II Yellow Tanya Sloan
Dino Charge Dark Ranger Heckyl
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe
Red Space Ranger Andros
Solar Ranger Ellarien






  • This issue's cover was revealed at NYCC in 2018, and was somewhat the first look at Solar Ranger
  • This is the first issue where Jordan Gibson is not the artist for the anniversary cover.
  • 25th Anniversary cover reference: Power Rangers Ninja Steel


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