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Red alert WARNING: This comic contains scenes of murder. Viewer discretion is advised!

Issue 30 is the thirty-first actual issue of Boom! Studios ongoing comic book series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which begins its numbering with Issue 0. It features the Mighty Morphin team. This issue continues the Shattered Grid comic event, commemorating twenty-five years of the franchise and is the final book of the main series to feature the event before moving on to the fifth story arc follow-up. The story of the arc concludes proper in the Finale Special issue.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their allies prepare for a final counterattack against Lord Drakkon, as a new ally makes it to their world and Zordon makes a last ditch call for help. [1]


On the Moon, Rita Repulsa relishes in Zordon's desperate act for help from her, knowing of the events that have transpired during Lord Drakkon's attacks. She at first displays apathy toward their plight, not caring if reality is destroyed. Doggie mentions that the Rita of Drakkon's World was slain by the evil Power Ranger, a fact she seems indignant about. Zordon then appeals to her ego by stating she will be able to do the one thing her deceased alternate counterpart or anyone could never do; defeat Drakkon and again pleads for her help. Rita simply smiles, implying she accepts their offer for her help.

In the World of the Coinless, Lord Drakkon has smelted down the broken shard of the Red Ninja Power Star's Ninja Steel in a forge to enhance the headless Saba Blade with the Ninja Steel powers. Finster 5 informs Lord Drakkon from Sentry intel that the Power Rangers are amassing forces at the Command Center, knowing this means plans of heading into their stronghold for an assault. Lord Drakkon is unconcerned, as it means that all of the remaining Morphers will soon be claimed by him to enter the Grid.

Back at the Command Center, the Rangers make final preparations for the coming battle, with all of them getting their morphers fortified by Dr. K while Trini, Billy and Zack work with Coinless Trini on the Black Dragon armor. Jason then stands atop of the Command Center and gives a rousing speech to the Power Ranger Army he will command, that no matter how many powers Lord Drakkon takes, he will never be part of what they are and they will never give in or surrender no matter the odds. After his speech, he tells Kimberly that she will lead the Megazord Army while he commands the ground troops. Kimberly is confused as she cannot form the Dragonzord Battle Mode with her Zord, but Jason tells her she will pilot the Dragonzord, bestowing her with Tommy's Dragon Dagger and Shield. Kimberly cries at this symbolic gesture and hugs Jason, thanking him for giving her Tommy's powers.

The Rangers teleport in to the Moon of the World of the Coinless, only to see that the evil conquerer has more new types of Ranger Sentries using stolen power to protect and surround the tower. Lauren and Jason have a brief moment, with Lauren telling Jason she is glad to have met him (and possibly going in for a kiss). However, the sentimental moment is ruined by the first wave of attacks by a flying squadron of Sentries barraging them with heavy laser fire. Jason orders his troops to suit up and whomever has a Battlizer, to activate it immediately. He then orders the troops to charge at the Sentry army towards the tower.

In Drakkon's fortress, the Tyrannosaur Sentry guards are zapped by a spell from Rita Repulsa as she, Zordon, Ninjor and Doggie enter the throne room. Doggie wonders why they are here, with Rita explaining that the highest concentration of magic is the place where the user interacts with most, in this case, Drakkon's throne. She then pulls out the Green Candle and places it near the throne as she lights it and begins to cast a spell. Ninjor senses the candle's magic is from the Wizard of Deception, noting that such magic from the Wizard comes with a price. Rita is aware and is not concerned, as she needs to do this to save them all.

Outside, the battle intensifies as the Megazords and Rangers deal with Dragon Tanks, airships and the vast number of Sentries. At first, they have the upper hand as Sentries are devastated by their teamwork and abilities. But the tide turns for the worse as Lord Drakkon makes his way onto the battlefield, wiping out Levi using his Ninja Steel enhanced blade and taking his powers away in one hit. Serpentera is then deployed and wipes out the Thunderstorm Megazord, Wild Force Megazord, and Shogun Megazord in one blast and then swallows the Dragonzord Battle Mode. Kimberly and the Mighty Morphin Rangers forcibly eject out before the giant dragon crushes the robot in its maw. Cestro is horrified by the evil Zord's power, but this distraction leaves him open and his powers are taken by Drakkon with his blade. Drakkon mocks the hopeless efforts of the Power Rangers, telling them it is better to just give up their powers to him. Jason tries to order the Battilized Reds to keep their distance and pour on the firepower to knock Drakkon away, but Drakkon just slams his blade into the ground to de-power all of them with a wave of energy. Their attack however distracts Drakkon long enough for Kimberly to use the Dragon Dagger as an arrow and blast him with her Power Bow, knocking him back. At first, Drakkon gloats how ineffective that was and prepares to kill her and take her powers, but suddenly writhes in pain as the Candle takes effect and his Ranger suit develops green cracks all over his body, forcing him to retreat.

Drakkon teleports into his throne room, only to find Rita sitting in his throne mocking him as he grows weaker and weaker. She is prepared to accelerate the power drain with a spell, which will kill Drakkon, but Zordon and Doggie protest to this and they argue. All three of them and Ninjor are zapped and knocked out by Finster 5, wielding Lord Zedd's Staff. Finster 5 removes the candle, but the spell is still de-stabiizing Drakkon's powers. Finster 5 is concerned for Lord Drakkon and begs his master to run tests on him to negate the effects. Drakkon refuses and is obsessed with entering the Morphin Grid, seeing only one way to achieve it now that his powers are unstable: absorb ALL of the Morphers he has collected. Finster 5 refuses this idea, as taking in any more powers of the same sets will kill Drakkon. In a somber moment, Drakkon knows his friend will prevent him from succeeding, so he calmly snaps Finster 5's neck despite his pleas and kills him.

As the battle of Rangers and Sentries rages further outside, Drakkon slowly staggers into the main relay draining the collected Morphers. He hits a switch which releases all of the morphing energy from the morphers into him, grunting and then screaming in pain as a collection of different powers swirls around his body before turning into a blinding white light..combining them all into some unseen, terrible evil.

To Be Continued...

The New Adventures of Blue Senturion and Ninjor

Blue Senturion and Ninjor are at the alley where the Mutant Rangers fled, looking for clues. Senturion hangs up on the Chief when he calls in to make sure that Senturion is not on the case. Ninjor is wondering if the person his partner is talking to is the reason for Blue Sentruion's perturbed attitude. Blue Senturion blows him off and says he just needs to find the Power Rangers and capture them. Ninjor finds some Putty residue on the wall and puts the pieces together, though his impatient comrade thinks it is a dead end, despite finding the same residue in the museum. Ninjor thinks that the Rangers Blue Senturion is after are Putties able to impersonate Rangers using an ancient artifact: The Badges of Darkness. This infuriates Blue Senturion, but shows that Ninjor is a better detective than him.

Ninjor meditates, which annoys Blue Senturion further, but the ninja master reveals that he is tracking the energies of the Badges of Darkness, allowing him to sense the Invisiportal the Mutant Rangers escaped into. Blue Sentruion realizes with Ninjor's help, he can track the Mutant Rangers and is more enthusiastic about working with him to crack the case and capture his quarry. The two head into the portal to find another lead...

To Be Continued...



Two Mystic Yellows

Gia as a skirtless Yellow Mystic Ranger.


  • Power Rangers 25th anniversary reference on the Jordan Gibson variant cover: Countdown to Destruction. Andros finishes shattering Zordon’s energy tube, which glows as it prepares to release the explosive “Z-wave” that will save the universe from the United Alliance of Evil.
  • One of the variants is an homage to Amazing Spider-Man #238, which was the debut of the Spider-Man villain Hobgoblin. Another variant pays homage to the Dragon Ball Z franchise, specifically the poster for the film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. A third cover paid tribute to Marvel's Infinity War event comic cover. All were sold exclusively as limited pre-orders at the Legends Comics and Games comic book shop in Fresno, California[3][4][5]
  • Much like Tommy's death featured on the cover of Issue 26, Lord Drakkon's final Evolution form was concealed from the promotional material until the publishing of the comic so readers would not get any spoilers .[6]
  • The HyperForce Megazord makes an appearance among the Megazords battling Lord Drakkon's forces.
  • Serpentera, which was offline in the Power Rangers Hyperforce 2-part episode tie-in, is back online and attacking the Rangers in this issue.
  • This issue features the debut of the comic-exclusive Armored Pink Ranger. Kimberly never received the Dragon Shield from Jason or Tommy in the TV series.
    • Much like the White and Green Ranger fusion of Lord Drakkon, the concept of Kimberly getting the Dragon Shield has long been the subject of fanart and cosplay by fans as a possible thing that could occur in Power Rangers.
  • This issue confirms that a Super Mega Ranger can assume a Legendary Ranger Mode even when said Legendary Ranger is already morphed, a theoretical possibility in the TV series. In contrast, the Ranger Keys in Gokaiger were created through the sacrifice of the previous Super Sentai powers, which were only returned to the past Rangers when the Gokaigers ultimately relinquished them.
  • The Green Power Draining Candle, which was teased in Issue 22, is put to use by Rita in this issue in a failed attempt to stop Lord Drakkon.
  • Three new Ranger Sentry types are shown: Dino Charge Gold Sentries, Jungle Fury Rhino Sentries, and Silver Space Sentries. Their appearance also explains in story why certain Sixth Rangers have been absent from the battle throughout the story, they were eliminated by Lord Drakkon and their powers were taken.


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