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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This comic contains scenes of murder and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 is the twenty-sixth actual issue of the Boom! Studios comic book series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which begins its numbering with Issue 0. It features the Mighty Morphin team. It is the official beginning of the Shattered Grid storyline.


Drakkon returns and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will never be the same. The 'SHATTERED GRID' event begins here!


The issue opens in outer space, at a place referred to as "Outpost One" where the Time Force Power Rangers are investigating a fracture in time and space that risks splitting the multiverse apart. The Red Ranger, Wes, observes that the fracture is also threatening at least three other universes -- those home to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Ranger Operators, and Dino Charge Rangers. The team gets closer to the fracture and attempt to repair it, but a sudden explosion expels the Green, Yellow, and Blue Rangers from the Time Force Megazord, and they are sucked into the growing fracture. The Pink Ranger, Jen Scotts, realizes that the fracture must have been caused by someone interfering with the past. She plans to find out what happened and prevent this, while Wes covers her escape. As Jen flies out and begins the chronal transition, she watches as the Megazord explodes from the instability of the fracture. Jen has no time to process her grief before an enormous, shadowy figure reaches through the void at her. As she flies away, the transition activates and Jen travels back to the root of the problem.

At Promethea, Grace Sterling shows Jason and Tommy the security camera footage from Lord Drakkon's holding cell. The audio is difficult to make out, but the three can clearly see Drakkon snap Saba's head off, then use the lifeless sword to create a portal. No one has any idea where he has gone, and Grace also tells the Rangers that Drakkon also managed to steal back his non-functioning morpher and power coin. Grace offers Promethea's resources to help them find Drakkon, but Jason angrily refuses, still upset about all of the secrets Grace had kept from them.

Drakkon has transported himself to the home of Ninjor, an ancient master who designed the Power Coins thousands of years ago. After proving himself worthy, Drakkon convinces Ninjor to trust him with an elaborate lie; Drakkon claims to be a friend of Ninjor's from the future who gave Drakkon his powers. He has come to this past after a great crisis in his own time and needs Ninjor's help to restore his lost powers.

The six Rangers regroup at the Command Center with Zordon and Alpha 5. Everyone is on high alert as they try to figure out Drakkon's next move. Jason instructs Trini to use the disassembled Black Dragon to get the green chaos crystal working again so they may reach out to the Coinless and warn them, while Billy works to set up a shield around the Command Center as a precaution. As the others go their separate ways, Kimberly and Tommy stay behind. Kimberly asks Tommy if he's feeling alright in the wake of this latest development considering an alternate version of himself. Tommy assures her that he's fine, and he no longer thinks of Drakkon as connected to him. He's confident that he will never become like Drakkon because he has his friends on the team. Kim tells Tommy that between her father's upcoming remarriage and her emotional scars from her failed relationship with Matthew Cook have been overwhelming her. She feels that she's ready to move on, and asks Tommy out on their first date.

Back at Ninjor's Temple, the ancient master's impressive library catches Drakkon's attention, containing information about the secrets of the Morphin Grid itself. Ninjor simply tells Drakkon that the knowledge in the books is for another time, but he has successfully repaired Drakkon's coin. When he morphs, Drakkon notes that he doesn't feel as strong as usual. Ninjor explains that his full strength will return gradually, but for now, Drakkon is advised to avoid unnecessary fights. Drakkon turns the tables on Ninjor and reveals his true intentions. He calls the master a fool, but ominously adds, "Your story isn't through just yet." That night at the Command Center, Trini and Billy are hard at work trying to figure out how to work the green chaos crystal and decide to take a break. Once they've left, Drakkon enters their area of study and takes the crystal for himself.

Elsewhere in Angel Grove, Tommy and Kimberly are walking home from a movie theater after their first date. Tommy leans in to kiss Kimberly, but overwhelmed, Kimberly politely turns him down, saying she'd prefer if they take it slow. He agrees, and the pair goes their separate ways. As Tommy chastises himself for putting Kim in an awkward situation, Kimberly realizes that she does want to kiss him, and runs back over to him.

Tommy hears his name and turns around, but instead of Kimberly, Lord Drakkon has suddenly appeared behind him. In an instant, Drakkon uses Saba's decapitated body to slash through his younger counterpart's back, thus using the boy's agony to supercharge the crystal with green chaos energy. Drakkon taunts Tommy, telling him that, just as he predicted, in his greatest hour of need, he is all alone. Kimberly arrives on the scene and morphs, drawing her Power Bow and firing at Drakkon. Just as he runs towards her, an enormous surge of pink energy occurs. Jen Scotts has arrived from the future, her blaster blazing. With no time to explain, Jen and Kimberly fire at Drakkon, overwhelming him and forcing him to retreat back to his home world. Kim demorphs and rushes over to Tommy, who dies in her arms. Kimberly calls the other Rangers on her communicator, crying tears of grief and horror over the lifeless body of Tommy Oliver.

To Be Continued...

The New Adventures of Blue Senturion and Ninjor

Set in Angel Grove in the year 2205, a robbery is occurring at the Angel Grove Museum and an explosion breaks down the museum's doors. The Blue Senturion is out on patrol and hears the explosion, racing to the scene. Blue Senturion's superior is chewing him out as he disobeys orders and doesn't wait for backup, seemingly due to Blue Senturion being an incompetent rookie officer. As he corners the perpetrators, the Blue Senturion discovers it is seemingly the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, though they look slightly different. The Power Rangers escape through one of Mesogog's old hidden invisiportals with the relic they swiped from the museum, taunting the Blue Senturion as they flee into it.

The Chief accidentally says over the radio based on the noise that the Blue Senturion is dead and tells the other cops at the station to pay up (implying they were betting on when the rookie cop would die on duty). The Blue Senturion confirms to the Chief he is still alive and will hot pursue the Rangers. He then contacts the dispatcher to put out an all-points bulletin for the arrest of the Power Rangers.

To Be Continued...


Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger Zack Taylor
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Billy Cranston
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Tommy Oliver

Time Force Rangers

Time Force Red Wesley Collins
Time Force Pink Jen Scotts
Time Force Blue Lucas Kendall
Time Force Yellow Katie Walker
Time Force Green Trip

Ranger Operators

Ranger Operator Series Red Scott Truman
Ranger Operator Series Green Ziggy Grover
Ranger Operator Series Black Dillon

Dino Charge Rangers

Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda
Dino Charge Green Ranger Riley Griffin

Supporting Characters

Ninjor Ninjor


Lord Drakkon Tommy Oliver


Time Flyer System

Legend:◆ piloted zord



  • MMPR 25th Anniversary reference on the Jordan Gibson subscribers cover: Green With Evil
  • Several variant covers were released for this issue, all done by Goni Montes, which depicted Lord Drakkon's hands holding a crushed helmet of each Ranger on the Mighty Morphin team.
  • If readers examine the wraparound variant cover closely, they will see Chameleon Green from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger hidden amongst the many rangers on the cover. This was an error by the artist - she, presumably, was supposed to be Camille.
    • This caused confusion among fans, leading them to speculate that Super Sentai would crossover with its American counterpart in the comic event[1]
    • This has since been fixed as the Cover Gallery for the Shattered Grid Deluxe Edition does not feature Chameleon Green but does have Camille
  • The events of this issue occur concurrently with the events of "Shattered Grid Part 1" and before the events of "Shattered Grid Part 2" in Power Rangers HyperForce, which follows Drakkon immediately after his retreat back into his own dimension.
  • Drakkon's morph call is revealed to be "Black Dragon".
  • The movie that Kimberly and Tommy watch on their date is called Neon Speed.
  • Due to Boom Studio's hype marketing for the Shattered Grid event and the issue's shocking end plot twist, Issue 25 completely sold out twice in the same week and more reprints had to be made to keep up with demand.[2][3]
  • Mesogog from Dino Thunder is mentioned in the backup story.


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