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Issue 22 is the twenty-third actual issue of Boom! Studios ongoing comic book series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which begins its numbering with Issue 0. It features the Mighty Morphin team.


With tensions building between the Rangers, they put aside their differences and unite with Promethea to take down a great new threat![1]


At a bar on an asteroid somewhere in deep space, the Wizard of Deception is complimenting the barkeeper's quality of drinks and enjoying a light conversation with him when Rita Repulsa appears to hire the Wizard, having spent several months searching for him. She offers him a rare gift in exchange for his loyal services—the last embers of the last volcano from the planet Saruomere. The Wizard of Deception is interested and Rita shows him something on a scroll she wishes for the Wizard to retrieve, asking the Wizard to use his magic skills to conjure it. Something that she herself cannot do as it is far too complex for her level of magic. The Wizard of Deception however refuses, as her gift and offers for more treasures is not enough proper compensation for such a task. He desires the rarest thing she can possibly give, something she never gives to anyone: her honesty. After a conflicting moment, Rita confesses she has failed and given away something unintentionally and fears the consequences if her blunder is discovered and doesn't take back what was lost. The Wizard considers this moment of truth about her an acceptable form of "payment" and states he will begin crafting the item on the scroll: revealing it to be the Powerdraining Candle.

Back on Earth, the Power Rangers are celebrating the return of Zordon. The Rangers get Zordon up to speed on what has been going on with just them, with Zack joking that Jason almost became just like Zordon by being in the Command Center for so long but wouldn't opt to shave his head. Trini asks Zordon what it was like being trapped in the space-time between two universes. Zordon confesses it was disorienting as he had no control over his movement adrift in time with nothing to tether him to any physical plane. He shows great appreciation for the Power Rangers, Alpha and Saba working so hard to bring him back to the Command Center. Tommy is happy Zordon is back, but says that a lot is happening right now. Zordon has been informed of the situation by observing from the nexus of timestreams and reports from Saba. Zordon also knows they have met with Grace.

Jason wants answers as to why they were never told about the Power Rangers of 1969 or Grace. Zordon tells the Power Rangers that he regrets his actions of that time, rushing a brand new team of Rangers directly into danger to stop a threat they were not properly prepared to deal with and the lives that were lost because of it. He says it was a rash decision, one he has spent years of shame and remorse dealing with, even today. Zack is upset that Zordon keeps other secrets or forces them to keep some, like the time Zack was offered the Dragonzord coin by Rita and was told to keep quiet about it. Zack respects Zordon, but feels there is a pattern, Zordon lets them trust him, but the opposite isn't true. Zack feels that Zordon should be up front and more honest with all of them to build further trust when working together. Zordon admits that his secrecy may have done more harm than good by not telling them bout the '69 Rangers and apologizes to all of them. Trini says things are going to work out now that they have Grace to back them up with her monster detecting tech equipment. Zordon however, is a little more reluctant to accept Grace's help as he is concerned how she got such advanced technology as it is decades ahead of anything on Earth. Billy deduces that Zordon suspects that Grace somehow reverse-engineered tech linked to the Morphin Grid from her time as the Red Ranger to build her tech empire. Zordon also states ethical reasons, as Grace uses her knowledge and company for proactive means to reshape the world. A true Power Ranger never interferes with the course of history and progress of humanity by force, but defends and protects life.

Jason counterpoints that they are teenagers, that wanting to make the world a better place is part of the idealism of being young and that there is nothing wrong with helping others using their powers that way. Zordon understands, but also points out that being proactive is a double-edged sword and Grace's methods and means could become abused and on a slippery slope, such as her global observation satellites spying on people. Saba agrees with Zordon's concerns, but also, the task at hand of finding Finster's disguised monsters around the globe is too big for them to tackle alone. Saba also has an alternative idea he wants to try too, but they need to prepare for the worst and get those satellites up. Jason stresses that Grace's resources will give the Power Rangers the means to locate the monsters before anyone gets hurt. Zordon accepts their reasoning, but urges the team to be cautious.

At Promethea, Billy is working on the hard-light sensors for the satellite camera relays, though it is a tight fit with the helmet. Tommy wonders why he doesn't de-morph and work on it as they have unrestricted access to the facility. Billy notes that there are security cameras around the facility, so their secret identities could be at risk of exposure. Tommy suggests to Billy whipping up a localized jamming device to block the cameras, which Billy thinks is a good idea as they can work uninterrupted and unmorphed without anyone knowing. Billy knows he isn't the best at a conversation and says Tommy can go be with Kimberly and Trini for a bit. Tommy hesitates on that idea, simply looking at Kimberly.

In the other lab, Trini and Kimberly are bio-scanning the remains of Mr. Meowgi. Trini is trying to isolate what triggers the transformation from their human disguises to monster forms. Kimberly questions how sentient the beings they fight are and what they are made of. "Magic" is a frightening answer to Trini, as it renders any means of rational explanation or solutions moot. Trini realizes Kimberly should be at dinner with her father. Kimberly cancelled as she does not want to put up with Kelly or the drama now that Kelly is marrying her father. Trini is surprised, as Kimberly informs her it has only been six months since Roger and Kelly started dating. Trini asks how Mrs. Hart is handling it, to which Kimberly says that her mother doesn't seem to care and the only times she talks to her father is by screaming at him. Kimberly sulks and says it is stupid to think her parents could get back together again. Trini does not believe that is a stupid thing. Kimberly then says how awkward it was that her father called Tommy over to his table during their breakfast at the diner. Trini asks Kimberly if she has started talking to Tommy about how she feels, to which she denies as she isn't sure what to say, frustrated. Trini suggests that Kimberly at least try to let Tommy know about her feelings and then sort it out.

In the holding cell dimension of the Command Center, Saba approaches Finster with an offer and explains that he is from a universe where Rita Repulsa was destroyed. Saba is offering Finster a chance to do what he loves as an artist in a pocket dimension of infinite energy to shape and sculpt whatever he wants for all time, if he gives him the means to stop the concealed monsters he made. Finster rejects this offer as there would be no one other than himself to experience what he creates. Saba is confused as he thought that art was about the act of creating and not just the experience of the audience. Finster says that is the opinion of some, but art is meant to be seen, as those that witness it measure your worth as an artist. Art in essence is about the relationship of creator and the audience who experiences it, the reaction of the creation's very look and existence. Building just for the sake of building is boring to Finster, but admits the potential of infinite creativity is nice and the dimension is impressive. He then admits he cannot control the monsters, as that would defeat the purpose of that particular "art piece", it is a representation of absolute chaos and what better chaos is there than a force you cannot expect or predict.

In a breakroom, Tommy and Kimberly have taken their helmets off and engage in awkward conversation, though both are happy about Billy being able to jam the cameras with an EMP emitter so they can enjoy coffee and relax with out worrying about being spied on. Tommy tries to apologize for walking into the cafe when her father was there and embarrassing her. Kimberly is surprisingly okay with it, as it couldn't have been avoided. Tommy still feels like something is wrong with Kimberly and tries to get her to open up about it, but gets mad and then tries to walk away. Kimberly asks him what is wrong and Tommy tells her he feels like she has been avoiding him, she says its hard for her to explain but she doesn't hate him like he thinks. The two then stand silently in the room.

Grace is talking with Jason about how her plans are going and she has interest in Billy for his technical skills, wondering why he turned down an internship as he belongs at a place like Promethea. Jason asks Grace about her time as a Ranger, how can she deal with failure on such a level and seeing people die as horribly as her teammates did. Grace sadly admits when she was young, she had to process all that had happened after the initial shock, spending weeks in a daze and feeling nothing. Afterward, she had to battle bouts of depression and survivor's guilt which made life hard. But as she grew older, the edge of the pain she felt dulled a bit and she moved on. But, it never gets easier. She wonders if the reason Jason is asking is because he is scared the same thing will happen to him.

Jason confesses the last few months have been more intense than normal, at one point he though Billy and Tommy had died when they stopped the Black Dragon. The thought of them trusting him with their safety and seemingly failing them as a leader weighs heavily on him. Knowing that he would be responsible knowing of the deaths of his teammates for the rest of his life, never telling their parents and loved ones and having them live with not knowing what happened to their kids. Even though Billy and Tommy returned home safe, the idea of failing them like that or his team dying for real in battle keeps him up at night. Grace admits that even though she only had one mission as a Red Ranger, she knows the helmet Jason bears is a heavier burden than the others. She says that people can only control what they can and as they get older, they get better at anticipating scenarios a little at a time. This is why Grace created Promethea, to repent for her failure by anticipating any threats that may come. As his senior, albiet ex-Ranger, Grace offers to be there for Jason and listen to him whenever he needs advice. Their conversation is interrupted by the partially complete satellite network activating and detecting a monster somewhere in New York City and sensors indicate it has begin changing into its true form. Jason puts his helmet on and calls his team into action, with all of them teleporting to New York. Andrea walks into the room and is impressed by the Power Rangers teleportation technology, they review that all systems check out.

Andrea asks Grace if they "know yet", but Grace says that they don't and when the time comes they will figure it out. In the meantime, they have a world to save....

To Be Continued.....

The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt and Baboo

In the paradise universe, Squatt and Baboo are the emperors of Earth and enjoying their lavish lifestyle. A servant informs them that their request has been fulfilled and the royal guards drag the Rita Repulsa of this universe into their throne room. Enjoying the fact that Rita is a nobody on this Earth whose power was usurped by them and despite her demands to be released, the two decide to give Rita her just desserts by making her their new janitor. The guards drag Rita away, who screams and curses them, but her insults are ignored by them as they are "nice rulers" who do not raise their voices to their subjects. Baboo asks on of the royal slaves, Alexander, what became of the Power Rangers. Alexander informs them that they defeated the Rangers ten years ago, much to the duo's shock as they spit out their tea. Alexander cringes as he is prepared to be punished, but they do nothing as Squatt and Baboo celebrate the fact that this life is perfect for them. No servitude under Rita, no Power Rangers and they are celebrated heroes and royalty. Baboo then decides that they need to revel in their new life by throwing the biggest party this universe has ever seen.

To Be Continued...



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  • This comic issue explains Rita's absence from the Moon, she has been traveling across the galaxy searching for the Wizard of Deception.
  • Green Candle in MMPR Boom

    A familiar object makes a cameo...

    The Green Candle from the episode of the same name makes an appearance on a scroll, indicating that Tommy will soon lose/have weaker Green Ranger powers in the near future. Furthering this is Rita confessing that she "lost something" and wants to take it back at any cost. She fears word of losing the Dragonzord Power Coin will be found out and implies being afraid of what Lord Zedd will do to her if he finds out.


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