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Issue 11 is the twelfth actual issue of Boom! Studios ongoing comic book series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which begins its numbering with Issue 0. It features the Mighty Morphin team. This story reveals the identity of Lord Drakkon and shows Tommy obtaining Saba from an alternate timeline/future time reality.


Billy and Tommy are left powerless and trapped in a strange new world. Jason and the rest of the team must do all they can to track down their missing friends and bring Zordon back.[1]


The story opens in the aftermath of the battle with the Black Dragon in Issue 9. Jason, Zack, Kimberly and Trini all see their worried parents to let them know they are okay. Meanwhile, Tommy's mother and Billy's parents are worried and contacting the police, friends, teachers and neighbors for their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Billy and Tommy are in Angel Grove, but one far different form the one they know. Statues of Rita and the Green Ranger are standing in the center of the city and museums propagate that the Power Rangers were evil and Rita stopped them ot bring a glorious future. A curfew announcement is given and all of the people go home and the announcer says that by the will of Lord Drakkon, he hopes the citizens have a pleasant evening. Tommy is confused and has so many questions about what is going on. Billy explains this must be some kind of an alternate timeline or future Angel Grove based on popular theories in time travel, but what events caused it to happen he doesn't know.

They are stopped by a Mastodon Sentry officer, who reminds them it is after curfew and demands they show some means of identification. Tommy tries to explain that he and Billy are "not from around here", but the Sentry sees his Dragon Dagger and tries to cuff Tommy. Billy knocks the Sentry over and they make a break for what should be Angel Grove High, but the school is no longer there and in its place is an island prison institute called the "Finster Memorial Correctional Facility". Billy confirms this is definitely either an alternate time or the future. The Sentry from before fires a warning shot with reinforcements coming, saying this is their last warning. Billy and Tommy decide to jump into the water and swim for shore away from Angel Grove. The Sentry commander orders his subordinates to contact Lord Drakkon about this incident. Tommy and Billy emerge from the water with Tommy saying they need to find out how different this world is.

Back in Goldar's prison, Rita pays her former subordinate a visit to inquire how the Blue Ranger escaped. Goldar claims that the boy had a secondary teleportation system on his person that the Black Dragon did not see. He also reminds her that he could have stopped the Blue Ranger but he was cuffed and chained so he could do nothing. Rita believes him and after telling him about the Black Dragon's efforts giving them a tactical advantage to defeat the Rangers in their worn down state, she offers Goldar a chance to redeem himself. Goldar is pleased and tells her it would be an honor to serve his empress again. Trini and the others are at the wreckage of the Black Dragon, with Trini scanning for any odd sort of energies. She thinks the Black Dragon was being operated remotely due to its pieces resembling what she saw inside of the Dragonzord based on notes she took when working on it with Billy. The Black Dragon has the exact same central processor as the Dragonzord. Kimberly thinks it may be a copy, but Trini says it is the exact same one that the Dragonzord uses, which should be impossible. Zack thinks this means the Black Dragon was built from the Dragonzord. Jason then realizes this seems to indicate based on what evidence they have and what they have seen, the Black Dragon is from their world. Kimberly thinks this is crazy, wondering if Time Travel is even possible. Zack tells her it is no weirder than Dino Coins and Zords. Jason now knows the possible "how" of these events, but wonders who built the Black Dragon.

Billy and Tommy arrive at the Command Center, only to see it in ruins and the wreckage of the Thunder Zords and Tor the Shuttlezord near it. Billy comments that he can only imagine what the battle the Zords faced was like based on the damage they took. An unknown voice tells him it was indeed a vicious battle, with Billy telling Tommy the voice is coming from a hole near them. Tommy calls down to the voice and asks if anyone is down there. The voice identifies them as Tommy Oliver and Billy Cranston, but "not the ones he knows". Tommy asks who the voice is, but the voice tells him that is something he must come and see for himself. Billy is naturally wary as Tommy goes down, telling him it might be a trap. Tommy says the voice knows them and is under the Command Center, so while Billy stays up there, he is going to take a chance on this stranger.

The voice guides Tommy to his location and once again Tommy asks him how he knows who he is. The voice says it is "complicated", but he can answer his questions as soon as he can get him out, showing he is behind a steel door to a secret room. Tommy doesn't think he can budge the door due to its size, so the voice tells him he will have to go elsewhere to find answers then. Tommy decides to give it a try and forces the door open, the voice encouraging him to keep trying and then is overjoyed to finally see light again. Tommy is shocked by what he sees: a talking sword in a stasis tube in a wrecked bunker-like room. The sword is amused and asks if this isn't quite what Tommy was expecting to find, with Tommy saying that the sentient weapon is correct, he never expected to find a talking sword. The sword says it is because he is probably the only one and introduces himself as Saba. Billy asks how is it going only for a light to shine on him, Tommy hurries back and finds a squadron of flying vehicles has started to surrounded them. Saba suggests they hurry and go south, which startles Billy as he had no idea the sword could talk and asks who he is. Saba says he has no time to explain, but his words are interrupted by the arrival of Mastodon Sentries.

One of the flying vehicles lands and Lord Drakkon steps out and greets the two, welcoming them to his world and that sadly their time will be brief here. Tommy shows defiance and says he refuses to just lay down and die, as Lord Drakkon has no idea what he is dealing with. Lord Drakkon replies that he knows exactly what he is dealing with, proceeding to take off his helmet.

"After all, you are nothing more..than my lesser self."

The unhelmeted Lord Drakkon is revealed... to be a middle aged adult Tommy Oliver with purple veins on the left cheek of his face, ending the issue's main story.

To be continued...

The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk & Skull: "Two Player Terror"

Bulk and Skull argue over who gets to control Double-Disastron. Bulk says that the "nice lady with the wicker rabbit hat" gave them a monster and the Catastrophe Coupes so they could become cool by committing the greatest pranks ever (including pouring large amounts of grape "Ranger Aid" into the Angel Grove public swimming pool and land surfing on top of buses). They then attempt to limbo Double-Disastron underneath a bridge, but their fun is interrupted by the arrival of the Power Rangers.



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  • The Thunder Zords and Tor the Shuttlezord are seen destroyed and laying by a ruined Command Center. This makes the events of this alternate timeline occur sometime in a far future after the second season of the TV series.
  • The Power Chamber from Zeo and Turbo is briefly teased as Tommy enters a hidden damaged room behind a steel door and finds Saba in what was supposed to be Zordon's second Energy Stasis Tube.
  • First issue where none of the six Rangers morph.


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