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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is a Power Rangers mini-series primarily adapted from the 18th Super Sentai series, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. The mini-series continues the narrative established in the 3rd Season of MMPR, as the now-children Power Rangers are unable to fight, forcing Zordon recruit the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to assist the team until they can regain their adult selves.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been turned into children by Master Vile, and Earth is now at the mercy of his monster hordes. In desperation, Zordon communicates with the distant planet of Aquitar, an ocean planet that is home to a humanoid race of water-dwellers called Aquitians. Five of the Aquitians also protect their planet as Power Rangers, and Zordon requests their help in protecting Earth. Together, the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers are able to defeat the monster hordes and send Master Vile running back to the M51 Galaxy. However, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa still intend to finish what he started by conquering Earth.

Meanwhile, Blue Ranger Billy Cranston has built a Regenerator powered by the Ninja Power Coins and has used it to restore himself to his normal age. Before Billy can use it on the other Rangers, Rito Revolto appears and destroys it, and the Power Coins are shattered in the process. As Billy keeps watch over his younger-than-normal friends, the Alien Rangers continue to protect Earth with their telepathically-controlled Battle Borgs. However, their biologies are not designed to allow them to live on land for long, and so they must frequently locate sources of water to maintain their strength.

It is ultimately determined that the Rangers can be restored with the Zeo Crystal, the ancient relic that Master Vile previously wanted for himself and was shattered to keep out of his hands. Each of the five child Rangers are sent out to different locations and time periods of the world to locate each of the Zeo Sub-Crystals and return them to the Command Center. Beneath the Command Center, Rito and Goldar are searching the underground tunnels with the intent to plant a bomb beneath the facility and destroy it, but their lack of direction makes the journey difficult.

In an effort to finally dry up the Alien Rangers, Lord Zedd summons their nemesis from Aquitar, Hydro Hog, and orders him to suck up all the Earth's water. With no water to hydrate with, the Alien Rangers seem doomed until the child Rangers (minus Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell, who has not yet found her Sub-Crystal in Africa) save them by delivering bottled water. With the Shogun Megazord and the White Ninja Falconzord, the Alien Rangers destroy Hydro Hog forever.

Aisha finally finds her Sub-Crystal but chooses not to return to Angel Grove, and she instead sends a friend she made, Tanya Sloan, back in her place. Once the Zeo Crystal is recombined, the Rangers and Earth are restored to their proper ages. Their job done, the Aquitian Rangers return to Aquitar, but Goldar and Rito appear and steal the Zeo Crystal mere seconds before their bomb explodes! As the Rangers are evacuated outside, the Command Center explodes into rubble, ending the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers forever... or does it?



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The Aquitian Rangers

Color Role Actor
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico David Bacon
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine Rajia Baroudi
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro Karim Prince
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus Jim Gray
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus Alan Palmer




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Morphing Devices



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Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord; colors are in reference to the Rangers who pilot them, not the physical color of the Zords

Battle Borg System

Shogunzords System


  1. Alien Rangers of Aquitar: Part I
  2. Alien Rangers of Aquitar: Part II
  3. Climb Every Fountain
  4. The Alien Trap
  5. Attack of the 60' Bulk
  6. Water You Thinking?
  7. Along Came a Spider
  8. Sowing the Seas of Evil
  9. Hogday Afternoon: Part I
  10. Hogday Afternoon: Part II

VHS/DVD Releases

Scenes from "Attack of the 60' Bulk", "Water You Thinking?", "Along Came a Spider", "Sowing the Seas of Evil" and "Hogday Afternoon, Part 1 & 2" (See the VHS Release section of each page to find which was kept) were distributed in movie format along with "A Zeo Beginning, Part 1 & 2" on the VHS Power Rangers Zeo: Zeo Quest.


  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers is considered by some to be a full-fledged season unto itself, since the opening credits were modified to fit the Alien Rangers theme. However, it is largely viewed as an extension of the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, confirmed by the June 2014 revamp of the official website giving the season its designation as Season 3.5.
  • These episodes are the first to utilize a team where the members did not come from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
  • This is the only Power Rangers miniseries not to feature a Sixth Ranger.

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