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Mighty Morphin' Mutants is the fifty-ninth and penultimate episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Goldar trains some select Putties to fight like the Power Rangers and gives them Badges of Darkness to look like and have the same powers as well. However, none are good enough to be the Red Ranger so the Commander Crayfish monster becomes the leader. How can the Rangers possibly defeat enemies against which they are perfectly matched?


Tommy is late to Miss Appleby's class. There, an assignment is given - ask a friend to point out your flaw and try to fix it. On the Moon, Rita Repulsa decides to use the Badges of Darkness to create her own evil Rangers from Putties.

Tommy is sparring with Jason at the Youth Center. Afterwards, Tommy explains the homework. He forgot his water and a towel, so he asks Jason for a sip of his water and if he has an extra towel. Jason tells Tommy that his flaw is forgetfulness. Trini and Kimberly confirm Jason's assessment to Tommy. Bulk and Skull don't believe they have faults, but the girls and Tommy say that they are bullies.

Goldar is training six Putties, but one of them is too clumsy and is sent back to Finster's lab. The remaining set are given the Badges of Darkness, but none of them is worthy enough to become the Red Mutant Ranger. The Green and Pink Mutant Rangers are sent to attack Tommy and Kimberly in the park. Both are bested by their evil counterparts. Zordon informs his team of the new menace.

Billy and the gang help Tommy with his assignment. It doesn't seem to work very well as Billy's planner device malfunctions and Tommy seems even more forgetful. The appearance of Commander Crayfish, the Red Ranger equivalent of the Mutant Rangers, causes Zordon to send the five main Rangers into action. Unfortunately, they are forced to leave without Tommy who left his communicator in his locker.

The two teams meet on the beach. Each Ranger fights their evil version. Tommy is finally contacted and he too joins the fight. The Rangers regroup to fight back against the Mutant Rangers, however the evil clones combine their weapons into a Power Blaster and fire at the Rangers, forcing them to retreat. At the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha give the six upgraded versions of their Power Weapons which look identical to the originals but are promised to be stronger. The Rangers go back into battle and fight the mutants. This time, the two sides are more evenly matched.

The Power Rangers' Power Blaster succeeds in destroying the Pink and Yellow Mutants and knocking Crayfish and the other Mutants off their feet. However, Rita makes her monster and the Green, Blue and Black Mutant Rangers turn into giants. Commander Crayfish is hoisted up by his teammates so he's out of the range of both the Megazord and Dragonzord. Titanus is called for and Ultrazord destroys the enemies.

Tommy feels like he didn't complete his homework, but Billy says that a fault can also be what makes someone unique. Bulk and Skull come to school dressed in suits and are acting mature. They give Miss Appleby a present, but she tells them to open it for her. It sprays them in Silly String.




  • According to scans of the original written script, there was originally going to be a shot of Tommy reacting in shock to the Green Mutant Ranger after Crayfish summoned him during the quarry fight.
    • This was either never filmed or cut from the final episode because they decided to film that scene with the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers meeting him and Kimberly so this shocked reaction would make no sense.
  • The Mutant Rangers' weapons are actually the untransformed versions of the Legendary Weapons from Zyuranger (which made a brief appearance in the episode "Teamwork").
  • The upgraded Power Weapons look exactly like the old ones (which is noted by Zack during the episode), but Alpha notes that they are much stronger than the old ones.
  • This is the last time Rita makes a monster grow with her wand.
  • This is the final appearance of the original Ultrazord combination. Titanus will be absent until Season 3's "Stop the Hate Master" with Tor the Shuttlezord taking his place for the Thunderzords.
  • Commander Crayfish returns in the season two episode "A Reel Fish Story".
  • Kimberly says, "Rita's created her own evil Rangers again", which is a reference to "A Bad Reflection on You".
  • Finster, despite making a cameo at the start, and being mentioned by Goldar during the mutant training, does not have any lines in this episode.
  • This is the first time that the Power Blaster is seen and fired outside of its usual Zyuranger stock footage sequence, this method will be used for the second and final time against Pirantishead in "The Mutiny-part I".
  • The Green Mutant has a cleaner and more golden looking Dragon Shield than the normal Green Ranger in the Zyu2 footage, although Green Ranger’s shield has always looked darker and worn since his return.


  • The title of this episode includes an apostrophe following the word Morphin, while the show's title omits this.
  • Step 3 of Ms. Appleby's lesson was "focus your energies" which is never elaborated on.
  • Thirty year olds could be seen in the front desks of the classroom when Ms. Appleby turned to confront Tommy for his lateness.
  • The assignment from Ms. Appleby does not make actual sense since there was no documentation or assignment beyond "change yourselves for the better." No presentation, write-ups, or anything to prove they did it.
  • As Kimberly and Tommy prepare to fight the Mutants at the park, the Pink Mutant has two studio workers, and a spotlight reflecting off her visor.
  • At no less than four point in the episode, the Rangers outwardly discuss both Rita and the Mutant Rangers in public areas. Once when Billy gave Tommy his PDA-esque device in the Youth Center, once from Zack in the Angel Grove High hallway, and when Kimberly and Zack when walking past two girls close by.
    • This couldn't be excused as them discussing something widely known since the news wouldn't be aware of this new threat yet.
      • Something similar happened a short while later in the same scene with Jason shouting "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" at the end of a corridor.
  • Why would Tommy turn off his communicator when he was well aware of the Mutant Ranger threat? If he didn't then why didn't he answer? It doesn't require memory when it is loudly beeping at you.
  • The Mutant Rangers equivalent to the Power Blaster had the Lance parts and Daggers facing the wrong direction.
  • The Power Axe is missing its Blaster Mode handle and trigger in the Zyu2 footage.
  • When the Green Ranger and his mutant counterpart are battling the Sword of Darkness bends up to ninety degrees.
  • Green Ranger strikes a pose as the other Rangers fire the Power Blaster even though neither he nor the Dragon Dagger have any role in the formation or operation of the weapon.
  • During the Megazord battle, when the Mutant Rangers carry Commander Crayfish, Billy says that it is now out of range of the Megazord’s weapons (such as the cranial laser or back cannons), but the Megazord has always had enough range of movement to be able to angle those weapons up far enough.
    • Also the Dragonzord’s finger missiles could be used simply by having it raise its arms.
      • Failing that, they could always just shoot the Mutant Rangers holding up Crayfish.
  • Despite saying “NO MORE SEE FOOD” in the next episode Rita sends a monster based off an oyster which is considered sea food.