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The Mighty Mammothzord was an ancient Zord used in Ninja folklore but found by Cameron Watanabe and first activated by the Rangers' own Power Disks. The Zord arrived to give the Rangers an advantage in defeating Shimazu and his Wolfblades. It can also be summoned by any Ranger by using the Lightning Riff Blaster in guitar mode. It would store five or more Power Spheres that were shot out by its trunk when the top was hit by either the Thunderstorm Megazord or Hurricane Megazord. It was destroyed by Vexacus with his Land Shark.

Thunderstorm Ultrazord

See also: Revolver Gourai Senpuujin

The Thunderstorm Megazord rides on top of the Mammothzord to form the Thunderstorm Ultrazord. First used against Shimazu and the Wolfblades, it utilizes the powers of the Wind Ninjazords, Thunder Ninjazords and Mammothzord.

Hurricane Ultrazord

See also: Revolver Tenrai Senpuujin

The Hurricane Megazord rides on top of the Mammothzord to form the Hurricane Ultrazord. First used against the Hyper Zurganezord, it utilizes the power of all the Ranger Storm Zords and Power Spheres (with the exception of the Ninja Scarf and the Super Stamp).

However, the Dolphinzord is not part of this combination because this combination involves the Hurricane Megazord which the Dolphinzord is also not a part of. Only Tori Hanson herself is in the Megazord's cockpit.


  • The Mighty Mammothzord did not have an American toy counterpart release.

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