PR2020 logo.png This article is about a/an cross-series toyline in the Power Rangers franchise.

The Micro Zords, formerly referred to as Transmax Vehicles, are several zords that one can build and take apart in multiple ways. They have few or no hinges and are put together through interlocking pegs and holes. They are set at about more or less 1:64 scale (supposing zords were the size of cars), and are sold in carded sets.

Their releases coincide with those of Transforming Megazords in the same line.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Transmax Vehicles

From the TV series Operation Overdrive

An incomplete, but functioning DriveMax from Set A

The initial series featured Mugenbine-style pegs and joints, where inside a hole are clasps. The zords were sold three at a time.

Series One

  • Set A
    • Dump Driver (original red version)
    • Dozer Driver (original yellow version)
    • Sub Driver (original pink version)
  • Set B
    • Speed Driver (original black version)
    • Gyro Driver (original blue version)
    • Sonic Streaker (original red version)
  • Set C
    • Shovel (original cyan version)
    • Crane (original indigo version)
    • Cement (original green version)
    • Drill (original orange version)
  • Set D
    • Dump Driver (redeco black version)
    • Dozer Driver (redeco red version)
    • Sub Driver (redeco yellow version)
  • Set E
    • Speed Driver (redeco red version)
    • Gyro Driver (redeco green version)
    • Sonic Streaker (redeco blue version)

Series Two

The joints on Series Two are not compatible with Series One.

  • Set F
    • Fire Truck Zord
    • Rescue Runner 1
    • Rescue Runner 2
  • Set G
    • BattleFleet Megazord (original blue/silver version)
  • Set H
    • BattleFleet Megazord (redeco black/gold/orange version)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Micro Megazord

From the series Jungle Fury

Series Two's show-based zords

This series started with completely altered Micro Zords, then midway began introducing zords that came from the TV show. However, the collection is missing several show zords, namely the Lion, Elephant, Wolf, Shark and Bat.

Series One

Series One features zords that are inspired by the design of the show zords but with an automotive look.

  • Micro Animal Zords Set A
    • Tiger (redesigned car style)
    • Jaguar (redesigned car style)
    • Cheetah (redesigned car style)
  • Micro Animal Zords Set B
    • Bat (redesigned helicoptor style)
    • Shark (redesigned submarine style)
    • Elephant (redesigned tank style)
  • Micro Animal Zords Set C
    • Lion (redesigned bike style)
    • Leopard (redesigned bike style)
    • Puma (redesigned bike style)

Series Two

Series Two were all relatively accurate versions of the Animal Spirits. They were also sold as a full box set as "Jungle Micro Megazord Set".

  • Jungle Pride Microzord Set D
    • Tiger Animal Spirit (show design)
    • Jaguar Animal Spirit (show design)
    • Cheetah Animal Spirit (show design)
  • Jungle Master Microzord Set E
    • Gorilla Animal Spirit (show design)
    • Antelope Animal Spirit (show design)
    • Penguin Animal Spirit (show design)

Power Rangers RPM Micro Zords

From the series RPM

RPM Ultrazord

Series One

This series is equal parts show-based and made-for-toy zords. Each set comes with a bonus zord and the three makes their own Megazord.

  • Velocimax Megazord (ValveMax Megazord)
    • Shark Spinner Zord
    • Wolf Cruiser Zord
    • Croc Carrier Zord - can carry the mini zords that come with Power Rangers RPM action figures.
    • Bonus Cobra Zord
  • Torque Megazord
    • Panther zord
    • Fox zord
    • Swallow zord
    • Bonus Cat Zord

Series Two

This series went unreleased in the USA but was sold in the UK and in Bandai Asia territories. It also marked the only appearance of Engine Daishogun in Power Rangers franchise. Each set also comes with a bonus zord and the three makes their own Megazord.

  • Mach Megazord
    • Falcon Chopper Zord
    • Tiger Jet Zord
    • Whale Plane Zord
    • Bonus Ray Zord
  • PaleoMax Megazord
    • Mammoth Train Zord
    • Triceratops Car Zord
    • T-Rex Car Zord
    • Bonus Firebird Zord
  • Engine Shogun Megazord
    • Shogun Eagle Racer Zord
    • Shogun Lion Hauler Zord
    • Shogun Bear Crawler Zord
    • Bonus Porpoise Zord