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Mick "Micklepoo" Kanic is Brody and Redbot's shape-shifting friend who worked on the show Galaxy Warriors and later the mentor of the Ninja Steel Rangers. He later returns in "Power Rangers Dino Fury", appearing in the episode "Unexpected Guest".

Character History

Ninja Steel

Ten years before Brody was captured, Mick was a resident of the Lion Galaxy, but was sold into slavery by the Royal Family, separating him from his family. Because of this, Mick became resentful of the Empire. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Royal Rumble

Mick along with Brody and Redbot

"Brody, we are on a Space ship. Where are we going to escape to?"
―Mick asking Brody[src]

During his period as the head mechanic for the Warrior Dome, he befriended Brody Romero during his time as a prisoner and Redbot. After they overheard Madame Odius tell Galvanax about the Ninja Steel, he, Brody, and Redbot were forced to put their escape plan into action to prevent Galvanax from getting it. After a group of Kudabots ruined their original plan, they were forced to use the ship's trash chute. While falling to Earth, Mick was separated from the others and transformed into a boulder to land safely. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Return of the Prism

Mick, in boulder form, was among the debris that landed in front of Hayley Foster and Calvin Maxwell. After Calvin kicked Mick, he changed back to his regular form, startling them. As he was explaining who he was and what was going on, a group of Kudabots appeared. After Hayley and Calvin fought them off, the group then drove off just before Ripcon appeared. As they arrived at Summer Cove High School's Auto Shop, Mick was mistaken for the new shop teacher by Principal Hastings, who took a liking to his personality and wit. Using the tools in the auto shop to repair his Datacom, he got in touch with Brody and Redbot, who were accompanied by Sarah Thompson and Preston Tien. As they were on the way to meet them, they were ambushed by the alien Ripperat. After the Rangers’ fight against Ripperat, he helped them establish a base within the school. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forged in Steel

Mick then soon became the team’s mentor, offering them advice when needed, and forging new Power Stars whenever the Ninja Nexus Prism would show a vision.

Mick becomes a temporary Red Ranger

When the other Rangers’ Power Stars were captured by Galvanax, Mick helped Brody temporarily retreat. Confronted by Galvanax, Brody attempted to destroy his Power Star, separating it into three pieces. Those three pieces reformed into three complete Red Ninja Power Stars, allowing Mick temporarily access to the Red Ninja Steel Red powers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Galvanax Rises

With Galvanax destroyed, Mick decided to return to the Lion Galaxy to meet his parents, but then returned back to Earth to help the Rangers defeat Madame Odius. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Echoes of Evil

After Odius' final stand, Mick decided to remain on Earth as Summer Cove High's shop teacher, but set up a satellite link to the Lion Galaxy so he could remain in touch with his parents. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reaching the Nexus

Dino Fury

Mick in Power Rangers Dino Fury

After tracking down the Ninja Nexus Prism to Dinohenge, he meets the Dino Fury Rangers and asks them to help him find it. However Zayto turns him down, saying that they had better things to do. However, when it's revealed Void Knight wanted the Nexus Prism, the Rangers had no option but to help him. Mick has been keeping the Legendary Ranger Database updated. With the database, he tells the Rangers about the Prism. Later, he helps the Rangers defeat Wolfgang by creating a No-Howl Drop and preventing him from using sonic waves against the Rangers' weapons and Zords. With the Nexus Prism having finished its mission, still unknown to Mick or any of the Rangers, Mick leaves to follow it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest



Mick is reliable to his friends, but can be a bit cowardly. He also gives good pep talks and good words of advice. His way of giving advice is by giving the inverse of the right thing to do, making the Rangers realize what their mistake was. For example, when Sarah tries to do several things at once with her holoclones, he tries to play several different musical instruments to demonstrate that it's better to focus on one thing at a time. It turns out that Mick also has a sense of humor.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting: Mick can change into anything he imagines, be it an organic or an inorganic thing.
  • Mechanic Skills: As hence with his name, Mick is exceptionally gifted with mechanical engineering and repair, being the top Mechanic on the Warrior Dome. He also knows a great deal about the Power Rangers, more specifically the Ninja Nexus Prism.


  • Datacom: A wristwatch-like device, much like the Communicators used from MMPR to Turbo. Originally connected to the Warrior Dome's main computer, it is used for communication, looking up information and also contacting the Rangers.
  • Communicator: While visiting Pine Ridge and meeting the Dino Fury Rangers, Mick got a communicator to communicate with others and teleport. He returned it when he left to follow the Nexus Prism.

Ninja Steel Red



Appearances: Ninja Steel Episode 20

Morph and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes



  • Mick's full name is a play on the word "mechanic."
    • This is acknowledged by Ollie Akana, in where he confuses Mick's full name as "Mechanic".
  • Mick and Dane are the only members of the team to not be given morphing sequences.


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