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The Mezodon Megazord was the combination of the Mezodon Dinozord and the Triassic Megarover which served as Conner McKnight's personal Megazord.


Created by Hayley Ziktor using a Titanium Servo Mechanism, the Mezodon Megazord was the most powerful individual Megazord in the Dino Rangers' arsenal. It could only be summoned by Conner the Triassic Ranger using the Shield of Triumph as its power source and appeared from a large distant mountaintop in some undefined region. Although primarily piloted by Conner, the Mezodon could also be piloted by other Rangers such as Ethan and Tommy if Conner was needed elsewhere. To transform, the Mezodon would detatch from the

For offence, the Mezodon Megazord wielded two golden hatchets that could emit a Power Pulse from thier tops. Said attack consisted of two streams of golden lightning that would raise the monster into the air whilst slowly ripping thier body apart until they exploded. The Mezodon Megazord had two primary finishers; the Wheel Spin Attack (where the Megazord charged each shoulder wheel up with orange fire to slice into the enemy) and the Hatchet Attack (where the Mezodon Megazord charged yellow energy into its hatchets to toss them as a massive boomerang to cleave through the enemy's torso).

Appearances: DT Episodes 24, 26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 36, 38


After Conner first gains his Triassic Ranger powers and destroys the White Terrorsaurus, Hayley builds the Mezodon Dinozord as his personal Zord. After the Terra Assault Craft completely defeats the Thundersaurus Megazord during an attack by Zeltrax, the Mezodon is deployed by Hayley once it is completed and is able to swiftly destrpy the Terra Assault Craft just as Tommy seemingly destroyed Zeltrax. Tvicon TV STORY-A Star Is Torn

After infecting a computer to destroy Jupiter and cause catastrophic changes to Earth fails, Jupitor exits and tries to flatten Conner in Triassic Mode. However, he is so strong that he catches and throws off Jupitor's giant foot before summoning the Mezodon and forms the Mezodon Megazord for the first time. It is completely unfazed by Jupitor's energy blasts and overwhelms him with its hatchets before finishing him off with its Power Pulse. Tvicon TV STORY-A Ranger Exclusive

The Mezodon Megazord and Thundersaurs Megazord are formed to combat Zeltrax's new Zelzord after it thorohgly defeats the Thundersaurs Megazord. With Kira busy helping Tommy fight Zeltrax inside the Zord itself, Conner is forced to pilot the Thundersaurs Megazord and leave piloting the Mezodon to Ethan instead. With no other choices left, Ethan and Conner are forced to sacrifice the Thundersaurs and Mezodon Megazords by tackling the Zelzord flat on its back in self-destruct mode, all three Zords being obliterated but the two Rangers surviving. Tvicon TV STORY-Thunder Struck



The Mezodon was a Styracosaurus Zord controlled by Conner that formed the torso of the Mezodon and Triceramax Megazords. Even outside of its Megazord mode, it had its own finisher where it would spew fire from itself and the Triassic Megarover before ramming straight through the enemy and obliterating them. This was only used to destroy Tutenhawken.

Appearances: DT Episodes 23-26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 36, 38

Triassic Megarover[]

The Triassic Megarover, or just Triassic Rover, was a chariot pulled by the Mezodon that formed the legs of the Mezodon and Triceramax Megazords, dual axes and arms of the Mezodon Megazord and lance, helmet and hands of the Triceramax Megazord. The Mezodon Rover had its own finisher which involved spinning its wheels at high speed and slicing through the enemy's wheels to make them wreck and explode. This was only used to destroy the Terra Assault Craft.

Appearances: DT Episodes 23-26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 36, 38

Additional Formations[]

Triceramax Megazord[]

The auxiliary Dinozords could combine with the Mezodon Megazord to create the Triceramax Megazord with the Cephalazord forming the right arm, the Ankylozord forming the left, the wheelbreakers from the Triassic Megarover's wheels form cannon barrels/hands over Cephalazord's head and the tip of Anyklozord's tail; the Parasaurzord and Dimetrozord go inside the legs and the golden spinosaurus part of the Triassic Megarover forms a crown-like helmet. The Tricermax Megazord was even stronger than the Mezodon Megazord, easily defeating the DinoStegazord with minimal effort and always managing to overwhelm Mesogog's monsters.

The Triceramax Megazord was armed with a Tricera Lance (made from the hatchets stuck together and in the Ankylo side hand) that could spin at extreme speeds to generate a massive yellow energy cyclone that ripped into the enemy with enough force to instantly rip apart the DinoStegazord. The finisher was the Turbo Fire, where both arm mounted cannons/hands were fired at once; the Cephalazord cannon firing single energy bursts and the Tricera Lance unleashing its energy cyclone to rip apart the enemy.

Appearances: DT Episodes 28, 30, 33

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