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Mettzler (メッツラー Mettsurā, 1-49) is a Beastnoid of Neo Empire Gear, working alongside Doctor Man and the Big Three; notably working with Farrah later in the series.

Character History

Mettzler is a being notable for his mechanical helmet-like head with one eye and eerie abilities, mostly originally fighting alongside Farrah or Mason during their schemes against Bioman.

During the arrival of a meteor to Earth that interfered with Bioman's Super-Electron Brains, Mettzler worked with the other four Beastnoids to crush Bioman in their hour of weakness. However, Doctor Man decides to weed out weaker Beastnoids by using his new weapon, the Neo Mecha-Gigan Metal Megas, to attack both the Beastnoids and Bioman in order to see who would survive while trying to crush his enemies. Mettzler survived alongside Psygorn and both were rewarded with Miracle GX upgrades; with Mettzler's upgrades making him become a stronger partner that worked alongside Farrah, though still had occasions where he worked with Mason. Because of his upgrade, he ends up being the first to take an incomplete Super Electron during Bioman's crisis to dealing with Gear's upgraded forces.Ep. 31: New Model!? Megas ArrivesEp. 33: Has It Come Forth!? The New Finishing Move

After the Anti-Bio weapon Balzion is seized by Gear, Mettzler goes with Farrah to protect her after she decides to use the mecha to finish off Bioman. After dislodging Farrah from the enemy machine, Bioman attempt to use Super Electron to finish her off, but Mettzler chooses to take the hit to protect her, destroying him in the process.Ep. 49: Critical Bio Robo


Mettzler's main abilities involve various tricky means, including the ability to create holograms to protect himself and the ability to turn into slime to evade an attack, as well as his "Mettzler Beam" (beam attack) and "Ghost Hurricane" attacks. He also uses a clawed hand and rapier for attack. After being upgraded by Doctor Man, his Mettzler Beam is upgraded to the "Mirage Beam" and he gains the "Mettzler Arm Stretch" ability, where he can extend his arms far to attack Bioman from a distance.



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