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"This must be it... The observatory that's most likely to disrupt the plan..."
―Meteorite Jamen's first words after he reached the CARAT observatory.[src]

"Stay out of this, Kiramagers. Or I'll show you what I can really do."
―Meteorite Jamen when confronted by the Kiramagers.[src]

"What the...?! Feels good! I don't know why, but I'm feeling all fired up! Touch me and you're gonna get burned!"
―Meteorite Jamen after merging with a Monstone.[src]

"Your shine won't stand up to my heat!"
―Meteorite Jamen when confronted by Takamichi Crystalia as Kiramai Silver.[src]

"What...?! He smashed all of them?"
―Meteorite Jamen after his Bechats were wiped out by the Shiny Breaker's Drill Strike.[src]

"What the...?"
―Meteorite Jamen reacting to the Shining Beam Attack and his final words before his death.[src]

Meteorite Jamen (インセキ邪面 Inseki Jamen) was a meteorite-themed red body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim.


Meteorite Jamen was sent to Earth by Carantula to execute Operation Tiered Surprise. Said surprise called for Meteorite Jamen to break into a CARAT observatory and destroy it so that they could not track a massive meteor that he summoned to cause another Ice Age and exterminate humanity. However, security arrived and him which alerted Muryou Hakataminami to the break-in so he sent the team since the observatory was also supposed to be an early warning system to alien attacks. Meteorite Jamen easily overwhelmed the security guards and moved into the facility where he planned to destroy a satellite dish only for four of the Kiramagers (Sayo was not present as she was adventuring with a strange man) to confront him and transform. They ignored his subsequent warning to keep from interfering so he summoned meteors from the sky to bombard them but they just rolled away until Shiguru activated his Kiramai Sword and prepared the Blue Cosmo Slash which cut apart the last few meteors. He then revealed the oncoming extinction level event meteor on it's way so they did battle but even an energy slash to the face from Shiguru and one to the groin from Sena did nothing and a combined attack from Juru's Kiramai Sword though Tametomo's Kiramai Shot managed to knock him down.

However, before they could finish him off, a newly unearthed Monstone appeared (having accidentally been unearthed by the man) and merged with Meteorite Jamen who was amazed by his new boost of power. Tametomo was unimpressed and fired a Kiramai Charge at Meteorite Jamen but his aura meant that the Kiramai Bullets melted into nothing before they even reached him. He then charged in his Sizzling Magma Attack, headbutting and smacking down all four of them before bombarding them with lava and easily pushing them back when they crossed Kiramai Swords over his head. He then blasted them so hard with his magma that they were sent flying into the quarry where he prepared to finish them off with his deadly headbutt but the mysterious man appeared before he could and the Jamenshi was struck down by the descending Shiny Breaker before he could act and introduced himself as Takamichi.

The Kiramagers were shocked by his presence whilst Meteorite Jamen was just very confused until he transformed into Kiramai Silver which got the Jamenshi to summon a Bechat to aid him in combat. Said Bechat crushed the man into a truck with a massive dump truck which Meteorite Jamen thought was the end of him until the man forced apart the vehicles by doing the splits between the two. He summoned more Bechats to kill the man but all were wiped out by the Shiny Breaker's Drill Strike. Takamichi asked that he not be so crude so Meteorite Jamen summoned meteors down on top of him but Silver deflected most of them and took him down with a glancing hit and they clashed again until the Meteorite Jamen pushed him back with lava to little effect. The Jamenshi then fired more at the Kiramager but he spun out of the way and landed behind him and kicked him into the Shiny Breaker which he then summoned to his hand. The Meteorite Jamen was stunned so he turned his Shiny Breaker into One Hand Mode and used it to spin the Jamenshi around and around before releasing him into a rock wall. Meteorite Jamen planned to bring the meteor down right on top of them but Takamichi instantly obliterated him with his signature Shining Beam Attack before he could bring it down on top of them. Since he had not targeted anyone except for the Kiramagers, he did not produce enough dark energy for Carantula to create a Jamen Beast from him.

After Meteorite Jamen's death, it was revealed that Takamichi was actually Takamichi Crystalia who had previously been affected by a Monstone so was raised in Crystalia by King Oradin and was Princess Mabushina's adopted brother.


Meteorite Jamen was a very aggressive but fair Jamen who gave the Kiramagers the chance to leave instead of being destroyed. When empowered by a Monstone however, he became hyper aggressive and overly confident with his own abilities.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: After being empowered by the Monstone, Meteorite Jamen's single swings and headbutts were cpable of overpowering the Kiramager.
  • Durability: Meteorite Jamen was energy slashed in the face and groin by Shiguru and Sena but barely stumbled back.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Meteorite Jamen was able to completely overwhelm three security guards and four Kiramagers with his bare hands.
  • Meteor Summoning: Meteorite Jamen could summon meteors from space to bombard his enemies.
  • Bechat Summoning: Meteorite Jamen could summon Bechats at will.
  • Lava Head: After being enhanced by the Monstone, Meteorite Jamen could melt any object with heat projected from his head. The aura it emitted was hot enough to vaporize Tametomo's Kiramai Bullets in mid-air.
    • Head Magma Blast: After merging with the Monstone, the Meteorite Jamen could bend over and blast his enemies with magma from his head.
  • Deadly Headbutt: Meteorite Jamen's strongest attack after being empowered by the Monstone which would have apparently allowed him to kill a Kiramager with each headbutt. However, Takamichi appeared before he could do so.


  • Fists: Meteorite Jamen had no weapons of his own by default but, once he was empowered by the Monstone, was easily able to overwhelm the Kiramagers with his bare hands.


  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 163 kg
  • Jamen: Meteorite

Behind the Scenes


Meteorite Jamen is voiced by Masuo Amada (天田 益男 Amada Masuo), who previously voiced Gula in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.


  • Meteorite Jamen is the first Jamenshi with the following factors:
    • He was the first meteor-themed monster since Debo Nagareboshi.
    • He was the first Jamenshi not to have a known Jamen Beast counterpart.
    • He was the first Jamenshi to be fought and defeated by Kiramai Sliver.
  • Meteorite Jamen's Jamen gave him a slightly similar appearance to Hades Warrior God Ifrit from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.


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