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"We are Daikaans: Metchatsuyoindaver!"
―Metchatsuyoindaver's roll call[src]

Metchatsuyoindaver (メッチャツヨインダベー Metchatsuyoindabē) was one of the many Daikaan promoted Tsuyoindavers of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who ruled on Earth.

Character History

His Moraimars was located relatively close in Japan to those of Mamoritsuyoindaver, Meshiubaindaver, Meshiubaindaver and Mutchatsuyoindaver. As such, they were targeted in the offensive Operation Stardust by Shou Ronpo. Space.8: Secret of Commander Shou Ronpo The last two remaining, he was summoned alongside Mutchatsuyoindaver by Ikargen to back him and Madakko up. After being defeated by Kyurangers Shishi Red, Sasori Orange, Ookami Blue, Chameleon Green, Washi Pink and Kajiki Yellow, the two Daikaans enlarged to cover Ikargen and Madakko's escape. Confronted by the Ryu Voyager piloted by Ryu Commander, Metchatsuyoindaver was destroyed as the Voyager constricted him, with Mutchatsuyoindaver following shortly after. Space.9: Burn! Dragon Master


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Powers and Abilities


  • Bazoocone (バズーコン Bazūkon): Metchatsuyoindaver's primary weapon which can shoot fireballs.
  • Metcha Mask (メッチャマスク Metcha Masuku): The mask which make Metchatsuyoindaver strong.

Behind the Scenes


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