This article is about a/an evil zord in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .

The Metallosaurus (or Metallasaurus) was produced by General Havoc for his sister Divatox.


The Metallosaurus is a dinosaur robot, resembling Godzilla, that General Havoc used against the Turbo Rangers. After the Rangers unsuccessfully used their Turbo Megazord Spinout move while attempting to destroy it, Metallosaurus did a counter-spin and broke the Turbo Megazord Saber's blade then tossed its part of the blade aside, slashed at it with its claws, and bit into the Megazord's shoulder with its fangs. Metallosaurus turned around and slapped the Turbo Megazord twice with its tail. Metallosaurus spun around a third time and wrapped its tail around the Megazord's arms and chest. General Havoc sent electricity through the tail into the Megazord, frying its controls and immobilising it in the dinosaur's shocking coils. His Chromite troops climbed into the Megazord's cockpit, overwhelmed the Rangers, and threw them out of the robot. Celebrating his victory over the Rangers, General Havoc began flying Metallosaurus high into the atmosphere, towing the wrapped Turbo Megazord into space.

The Metallosaurus was eventually destroyed by the Turbo Rangers' newly acquired Rescuezords. Later, despite its improvements, the Metallosaurus was destroyed again by the Rescue Megazord.



Powers and Abilities


  • Underwater Adaptation-The Metallosaurus was able to hide underwater until General Havoc summoned it.
  • Eye Blasts-The Metallosaurus was able to fire large red-purple energy streams out of it's eyes strong enough to take down all five Turbo Rangers with one hit and rip a building clean in two.
  • Super Spin-The Metallosaurus was able to spin dozens of times on the spot at the same speed as the Turbo Megazord Spinout.
  • Bite-The Metallosaurus was able to bite down on the Turbo Megazord's shoulder with enough force to cause devastating damage and spray lightning.
  • Super Jumps-The Metallosaurus was able to jump so high that it entered space in a single jump.
  • Flight-The Metallosaurus was able to then glide through space back to the Spacebase.
  • Signal Blocking-The Metallosaurs was able to block the Lightning Cruiser's tracking systems through unknown means.


  • Strength-The Metallosaurus was able to nearly rip a building clean off its foundations by pushing it over to one side, knock back the Turbo Megazord with two slashes of its claws and rip the Turbo Megazord Saber in two by catching it in the Zord's palm.
    • Super Stomp-The Metallosaurus was able to stamp with enough force to take down all five Turbo Rangers at once.
  • Durability-The Metallosaurus was able to completely shrug off the Turbine Laser's finishing blast, Divatox's Neuron Laser and Lightning Cruiser's finishing barrage (which previously killed Dreadfeather) without getting a scratch on him.
    • Energy Deflection-The Metallosaurus' armor was so strong that the Turbine Laser finisher bounced off of it into the distance.


  • Claws-The Metallosaurus had razor sharp claws on its hand to hack and slash it's enemies.
  • Tail-The Metallosaurus had a long metal tail to lash its enemies with.
    • Tail Whip-The Metallosaurus was able to knock back the Turbo Megazord with two swings of its tail and dislodge a giant dome of flammable gas from it's foundations with one swing.
    • Electrocution-The Metallosaurus was able to wrap its tail around its enemies and fry them with blue lightning sent through it. According to Carlos, this was enough to melt the main power console of the Turbo Megazord.
  • Jaws-The Metallosaurs had razor sharp teeth in its maw capable of catching the Siren Blaster Rescuezord within them.

Appearances: Turbo Episodes 27, 28

GSC-Revived Braking.png

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation-Unlike its original form, the Metallosaurus was able to teleport to Earth in a flash of red lightning after being rebuilt.
  • Eye Blasts-The Metallosaurus was able to fire large red-purple energy streams out of it's eyes like in its original incarnation. However, these were stronger enough to take down all five Turbo Rangers and cause massive damage to the Rescuezords.
  • Cannon Blast-The rebuilt Metallosaurs could fire a massive Bullet Bill like cannonball from the cannon in the middle of its chest which could cause large explosions and heavily shake up the Rescuezords.


  • Strength-The Metallosaurus was able to kick the Thunder Loader and Star Chaser Rescuezords away from its feet with a single kick as well as knock back the Star Chaser in High Stance Mode with a single slash.
    • Super Kick-The rebuilt Metallosaurus was able to kick with so much force that he sent the Thunder Loader Rescuezord toppling over and made it revert back to vehicle mode.
  • Durability-The rebuilt Metallosaurus was able to shrug off multiple kicks from the Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord and a jump kick from the Siren Blaster with little to no damage. Not even having its own cannonball sent right back into it did much damage.


  • Claws-The Metallosaurus retained its razor sharp claws after being rebuilt.
  • Tail-The Metallosaurus retained its tail to lash its enemies with.
    • Tail Whip-The rebuilt Metallosaurus was able to knock back all five Rescuezords in High Stance Mode with one swing of its tail.

Appearances: Turbo Episode 29


Metallosaurus 2.0


  • The Metallosaurus is noted to be the first monster or Zord piloted to attempt to block the Turbo Megazord's Spinout attack, as well as the only one successful in doing so.
    • Both Strikeout and Goldgoyle attempted this but the Turbo Megazord sent back the former's attack and dodged the later's lightning breath.
  • In contrast to it's Sentai counterpart Braking where after it was destroyed, Ritchihiker was destroyed along with it,  General Havoc survived Metallosaurus's destruction and left to build a stronger one.
  • It's name was seen amongst other monster names in the future episode "Fire in Your Tank."
    • This is despite it being a Zord and not a monster and it's name was mispelled as "Metalsaurs."

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