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The Metallic Armor is a glittery coat that covers the Rangers costumes. When Master Vile came, he fed the Tengas strength enhancing seeds, rendering their Ninja Powers obsolete. Alpha 5 and Zordon created the armor to help the Rangers in battle against his enhanced Tengas. To power up the Metallic Armor the Rangers say "Metallic Armor, Power Up!" and it gave the Rangers enhanced attack power, and a reflective blast. It only appeared in five episodes. The Metallic Armor was lost with the destruction of the Ninja Power Coins.

Metallic Armor

The Metallic Armor is used by Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hillard, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Aisha Campbell, and Billy Cranston.

  • Stats:
    • Enhanced speed
    • Enhanced strength
    • Resistance to injury and magical spells
    • Suit gains a coat of glitter and becomes shinier.
  • Activation: "Metallic Armor, Power Up!"
  • The Metallic Armor is special armor created for battling the new-and-improved Tenga Warriors. The power comes directly from the Morphing Grid and the armor cannot be used outside the Earth's atmosphere. It enhances the Rangers' speed, strength & resistance to injury or magic spells. It was given to the Rangers by Zordon after Master Vile had powered up the Tengas.


  1. Master Vile and the Metallic Armor
  2. The Sound of Dischordia
  3. Rangers in Reverse


  • The Metallic Armor may have been a nod to, or inspired by, the ranger suits used in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, which were constructed of a PVC and metal plating as well as the figures in the toyline.
  • Basically, the metallic armor is the Ranger costumes sewn with glittery metallic fabric. The helmets match accordingly.
  • The core Rangers never used their weapons in conjunction with the metallic armor.