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Metal Ninja Tekkotsumeba (メタル忍者テッコツメーバ Metarunin Tekkotsumeba, 12): A amoeba Chunin robot, nicknamed, the weakest of Sargain's monsters as he was easily destroyed by the Triple Gadget. But Tekkotsumeba's true power is his assimilation ability as pieces of him fused into 70,000 buildings across the city. Once he gathered enough strength, Tekktsumeba begin to draw the buildings together in order absorb them. Once fully regenerated, Tekkotsuba would be 500 times larger than Senpuujin. Karakuri Giant Gouraijin held Senpuujin off as Tekkotsumeba regenerated, until the Hurricanegers managed to get Hurricane Hawk past Gouraijin and incinerate Tekkotsumeba.

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