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Metal Megas (メタルメガス Metarumegasu, 31) is the first Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, piloted by Mason.


A humanoid mecha with five missile guns for the right arm and face lasers; as well as a head that can lift up and reveal the escape-pod orb where it is being piloted. It also possesses reinforced armor.


Metal Megas is Doctor Man's first Neo Mecha-Gigan, built to further improve on his battle tactics after the failure of the original Mecha-Gigan program. Sent out during a period where a meteor interfered with Bioman's Super-Electronic Brains preventing them from using their Bio Suits, it attacks both them and Gear's own Beastnoid corp, with Doctor Man seeing this as a test for their own survival for any further usage of the organization. After the meteor passes and Bioman uses Bio Robo for combat, the team tries to fight the machine, but their Super Maser is shattered by Metal Megas during their Weight Attack finisher. Seeing an opening around the orb where Mason pilots the mecha, they throw the Super Maser's remnants like a dagger, stabbing at it and causing it to explode as the Big Three member escapes.


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