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Metal Deathworm (メタルデスワーム Metal Desuwāmu) is the rare version of Deathworm that enhance their defense ability, who becomes Tecchu's pet.

Character History

Tecchu somehow acquired this Deathworm and turns it into a silver version of it and makes it his pet. He later used it against the Kyuurangers, where it was destroyed by Shishi Red, Ookami Blue, Chameleon Green, Kajiki Yellow, Washi Pink, and Houou Soldier before it was destroyed again alongside an enlarged Mediatsuyoindaver and a Morimers Robo by 01*03*07*08*09 KyurenOh, 10*6*11 KyurenOh, and Gigant Houou Space.23: Become My Shield!

Powers and Abilities

  • Metal Silver Teeth (メタルシル歯 Metarushiruba): Metal Deathworm can use his teeth to chew metal.
  • Self Enlargement: Metal Deathworm can enlarge themselves at will.


  • Hand Whip: It used the hand whips in combat.

Behind the Scenes


concept art



  • It's a recolored version of the original Deathworm.


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