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"I am Metal Alice. I am your creation, Master."
―Metal Alice's first words after being created.[src]

―Metal Alice's final word before her death.[src]

Metal Alice was a powerful robot created by Vrak in his underwater laboratory in order to defeat the Mega Rangers. Metal Alice was one of the seven chief antagonists in Power Rangers Megaforce, the only female among them, and most prominent at its third arc. Metal Alice was the main villainess of the series as well as the leader and highest-ranking member of the Robots.


Metal Alice is the first of her kind, completed not long after Bigs and Bluefur meet their doom. She serves both as his personal assistant and the efficient planner through which Vrak plans to conquer Earth and take over Warstar by usurping Admiral Malkor.

As her first act to please her master and demonstrate the might of machines, she attacks her first creation, Rotox, but loses her left leg. After pulling herself together and having earned Vrak's approval, she sends the prototype to attack the city, drawing the attention of the rangers only for him to be destroyed by them.

"Master, that was only a test run. That's the great thing about us Robots. We can learn from our mistakes and, after a few adjustments, we can be sent right back into battle."
―Metal Alice explaining the true complexity of machines to Vrak.[src]

After the robot's defeat, Metal Alice makes adjustments to him by reviewing the battle data and upgrading him into Rotox DX. He is sent out to battle. Metal Alice comes along to introduce his new form. When Rotox deflects the Megaforce Blaster, Metal Alice is impressed and continues to have him fight. During Robo Knight's arrival, Metal Alice tries to persuade him to join them robots in conquering Earth. The Power Rangers think this is absurd and Alice continues saying the Robots are the future. She and Rotox leave, questioning Robo Knight what side he should be on. Alice and Rotox arrive at their ideal place for a human prison. The Rangers, powered up by their Ultra Mode, arrive to fight the robotic duo but prove no match for their combined strength and are defeated. Robo Knight arrives with his decision: He chooses to not side with Metal Alice and will fight to protect Earth and its humans, and proceeds to attack Rotox. Robo Knight and the rangers combine their powers and manage to defeat Rotox. Metal Alice escapes, mad of Robo Knight's choice. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Human Factor

When Vrak wants work done, he sends Metal Alice to attack the rangers with her newest creation, Robot 1-C-0 though however, he malfunctions and Alice retreats, disappointed of the results.

Later, when the rangers find out about the sensor on Rico and try to destroy it, Metal Alice appears and reveals that Rico malfunctioning was a setup, in order to learn about the power of friendship. Alice activates her override system, changing Rico into a destructive robot. However, Emma and the rangers are able to counter this transformation. Metal Alice becomes enraged and enlarges Rico. After Emma's plan to save Rico is successful, Metal Alice furiously escapes the scene. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rico the Robot (episode)

Vrak then sent Metal Alice to derail a train, causing both fear and destruction for the humans. This plan not only failed but led Metal Alice to be destroyed by the Rangers after she enlarged herself with the Zombolts. Though destroyed, Vrak was able to rebuild her, claiming that he still needed her for future schemes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Staying on Track

When Admiral Malkor was destroyed along with the Warstar Ship, in which Vrak was on board, Metal Alice goes to the wreckage site and finds Vrak. She takes him back to their lair and starts to rebuild him as a cyborg. Just then the Messenger arrives to herald the arrival of Prince Vekar and The Armada. Metal Alice agrees and continues her work to prepare for the coming invasion.

Metal Alice subsequently faces the Rangers and presents the cyborg form of Vrak. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Messenger (episode)

"Even if you had a hundred more Rangers beside you, you couldn't stop me!"
―Metal Alice taunting the Power Rangers in her final battle.[src]

End of Metal Alice.jpg

During the final robot onslaught, Metal Alice proposed that she joins Vrak into battle, but he shrugs it off and merely says this is a personal issue of his and she will be summoned if needed. When the Messenger was defeated, she springs into the battle. Seeing that Vrak is too wounded to fight, she pushed him out of the way to destroy the Rangers. After a few slashes by Troy, she malfunctioned and exploded, but barely withstood the blast, damaged beyond repair. When The Armada arrived, Vrak thanked her for her loyalty and then left her to die in the resulting explosion, horrifying the Rangers with his lack of empathy.Tvicon.png TV STORY-End Game


Metal Alice is portrayed as callous, sadistic, ruthless, manipulative and a hypocrite. She is devoted to Vrak to the point that she saved and rebuilt him into a cyborg and would sacrifice herself for him. Though strongly devoted, it appears that Alice had some criticism over her master Vrak because she didn't see him as cold-blooded enough. This is shown when Alice went as getting rid of what little humanity (humanity being used to mean benevolence) Vrak ever had while turning him into a cyborg, making him even more cold-blooded than in his fully organic state. Despite viewing emotions as a weakness, it appears Alice grew past her programming and even developed emotions. Interestingly, it appears Metal Alice has some sort of affection for Vrak, though this all went to waste when Vrak abandoned her to her demise. It appears that Metal Alice holds Admiral Malkor to a similar regard as Vrak given that she was saddened over Malkor's demise. Metal Alice believes that humans should be enslaved and eliminated and that machines should rule over humans. She is also determined to the point of obsession to get Robo Knight on her side.

Powers and Abilities

Metal Alice's skill and cunning might substantially exceed those of Bigs, Bluefur, and Creepox. Metal Alice's overall strength is comparable to that of the Messenger and second only to Admiral Malkor and Vrak. Her intelligence ranks highest amongst the villains of Power Rangers Megaforce, ranking on par with that of The Messenger.


  • Eye Ray: Alice can deploy strong and focused energy beams from her eyes in order to stun, distract, and damage foes at point blank, close, medium, and long range depending on battle factors.
  • Limb Reattachment: Metal Alice can reattach any of her severed limbs, such as her leg.
  • Chest Detonator: Alice can fire a massive crimson-hued laser from the upper portion of her chest. It is employed as a resort, since it is her most powerful move.
  • Teleportation: Metal Alice can teleport at will.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Metal Alice can leap at incredible distance.
  • Robot Development: Alice can create other Robots in a very little time scale and also adjust them according to combat circumstances.
  • Upgrade Adjustment: Alice can upgrade her robotic creations and immunize them against the fighting methods which gave their preceding forms any sort of major, terminal, or crippling damage.
  • Quick Repairment: Alice can fix individuals of her kind, the Robots, herself, or organic beings, such as Vrak, by adding cybernetic implants to them or further increasing their mechanical complexity.
  • Lightning Blasts: Metal Alice is able to fire blue lightning blasts from her hands.
  • Loogies Summoning: Metal Alice is able to summon an army of Loogies at will.
  • Missiles: Alice is capable of firing missiles, but where she fires it from is unknown.
  • Wrath Overgrowth: Alice can, if unsettled, display a brief but enormous increase in resistance and power. Although it increases her energy usage, the amount of damage she can do considerably increases and compensates for the augmented energy influx.
  • Power Intake: Alice can use all of her power in a swift series of moves in order to take down her foes quickly. However, it exposes her vital areas and may make her susceptible to detonation and implosion.


  • Strength: Despite her appearance, Metal Alice is strong in terms of strength.
  • Skilled Combatant- Metal Alice excels in battle, easily besting the Mega Rangers in their Ultra Mode and standing on an equal ground against Robo Knight.


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  • Tablet-Metal Alice has a blue tablet that she can use for a variety of purposes:
    • Zombolt Summoning-Alice can summon new versions of the Zombats, named Zombolts, using her tablet mostly to enlarge robots or herself.
    • Teleportation: Metal Alice can also teleport by pressing a button on her tablet.
    • Robot Control: Metal Alice was able to take control of Rico with her tablet due to a sensor she planted in his chest, reverting him to a more aggressive form if she wants to.
    • Overriding: Alice was able to shave a few seconds off from a time bomb with her tablet.
    • Rifle Spear Transformation-Metal Alice can transform her tablet into a massive blue rifle-shaped spear that can tear through most materials.
      • Technique Turnabout: Alice can rotate her spear in a circular manner in order to either deflect or swipe incoming attacks to the sides as both an offensive and defensive move.
      • Energy Empowerment: Metal Alice can power up her rifle spear with blue energy and swing it at full force.
      • Ground Wave: Metal Alice can also slam her rifle spear down to create small white shockwaves on the ground.
      • Spear Launch: Metal Alice is able to launch her spear to hit her enemies.
      • Razor Wave: Alice can swing her almighty spear to generate blue razor-shaped energy waves and launch them at enemies with great accuracy.
      • Laser Slash: Alice is also able to spin in a circle and project massive rainbow colored energy from her rifle spear that resembles a laser and can cleave through her enemies. It was powerful to knock the core five Rangers.
  • Time Bomb: Metal Alice planted a time bomb underneath a train bridge to make it explode and cause a train to be destroyed.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Rather than being second-in-command of her kind like her counterpart is in Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Metal Alice is the sole, undisputed, leader of the Robots in Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • Unlike her Sentai counterpart who was created by the Messenger's counterpart, Metal Alice was created by Vrak. Also, she is not destroyed by Vrak, instead by the Rangers before Vrak thanks her for her loyalty and he shortly left as she explodes to bits.
  • Unlike most Ranger villains, she shares her Sentai counterpart's name.
  • Her face is similar to Trakeena's face being covered with a mask in Trakeena's Revenge.
  • Both she and her Sentai counterpart eventually develop feelings for Vrak/Brajira of the Messiah, only to be left alone to die before anything fully comes of it.
  • While most of Metal Alice's abilities come from her Sentai counterpart, the ability to create other robots came from The Messenger's Sentai counterpart Robogog. Also, her breasts do not double as missile cannons like in Sentai, most likely since it is too inappropriate for young audiences.
  • Metal Alice's name was reused from her Sentai counterpart. This was done for Damaras and Osogain in Super Megaforce.


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