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"I......I will....I will rule!"
―Messiah's final words before his death[src]

Messiah (メサイア Mesaia) was the virus who served as leader of the Vaglass and the main antagonist of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.



Messiah was originally a computer virus that mysteriously infected the Transport Center's computers on Christmas 1999 and underwent an evolution from the Enetron in the system. Within no time, able to assimilate any inorganic matter, Messiah took control of the complex and all the mecha within it before attempting to take over the world's communication, power, and defense systems. However, the scientists sacrificed themselves to teleport the entire Transport Center into Hyper Space to trap Messiah. However, due to the dimension's ability to digitize organic matter, Messiah used this to absorb the scientists, save Masato Jin who evaded capture, to use their collective intellect in serving him as both his "Engineers" and as source material to create Enter and Escape.


Messiah's core

In 2012, thirteen years after he was trapped in Hyper Space, Messiah gains the means to send his agents back into reality, with the ultimate goal of gathering enough Enetron to bring himself back into reality so he can assimilate the entire planet to cement his reign. Messiah is first seen as a hologram when Enter uses his computer to contact his master after creating Shoveloid. Messiah is angry over how long Enter is taking but is reassured that Enertron will be gathered only for the plan to be thwarted by the new Go-Busters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 1: Tokumei Sentai, Assemble!

Throughout the course of the series, Messiah remains on the sidelines until Enter subjects him to a special program that evolves Messiah, enabling him to create an extension of himself: Messiah Cell. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 29: Breaking Into Hyperspace!

Alerted to this by Hiromu's father, who has been acting against Messiah with the other scientists despite becoming part of him, the Go-Busters enter Hyper Space to end things with Messiah once and for all. Although Messiah defeats the main four Go-Busters, Hiromu is able to destroy MegaZord Epsilon inside of the Transport Management Center that causes a chaion reaction and destroys the building. With his core gone, Messiah Cell is crippled and is easily destroyed by two devastating energy slashes from Ryuji and Yoko's Sougan Blades. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 30: Messiah Shutdown

While Messiah Cell is defeated, he survives when Enter distracts Red Buster long enough to back up his data into thirteen DataCards. Enter scatters twelve of the cards, keeping one to assimilate onto himself. The DataCards, one by one, fuse with various objects to create new Messiah Metaloids. Eventually the data these Metaloids collect can manifest into a reborn Messiah though Enter reveals that he is going be the new Messiah. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 33: Morphin'! Powered Custom

After the death of Kentateloid, Escape turns a MegaZord Delta into a MegaZord Zeta that she infuses with the Messiah Cards. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 43: Christmas Determination

The Go-Busters try and destroy MegaZord Zeta before Messiah can regain sentience but fail and he reawakens only to absorb Escape as she has outlived her usefulness. Upon assimilating Types Alpha, Beta, and Delta, an Enetron tank and all surrounding matter, Messiah is able to enhance the Type Zeta to resemble his original inactive body that was originally the Transport Research Center compound, Messiah towers over the Go-Busters' MegaZords and even overwhelms Great Go-Buster. However, Go-Buster Lioh manages to stab Messiah Reboot with its sword so the primary Go-Busters can infect Messiah with their antivirus program which renders his armor useless. They then finish off Messiah once and for all with the Ignition Tornado, ripping through the virus' back and obliterating the shocked tyrant. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 44: Christmas Eve - Time to Finish Our Mission


After Great Demon Lord Azazel manages to kill the Go-Busters on New Years Eve 2012, Cheeda Nick meets God himself who heavily resembles Enter. For being the one millionth person to die that year, Nick is able to wish that Messiah never came into existence and thus the Vaglass are erased from existence although they have an equivalent (the Machine Empire Mechalius) who utilize the same Metaloids. Enter and Escape are later returned to life when the wish is undone after Azazel's death although Messiah remains dead. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Returns vs. Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters

After being mortally wounded by Go-Buster King, Escape dies in Ryuji's arms whilst mistaking him for Messiah. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 48: Setting the Trap

Using the data that he collected from the Messiah Cards, Enter declares himself as the next Messiah with the goal of assimilating humans. All traces of Messiah are gone forever when Enter is killed by the Volcanick All-Out Attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Final Mission: Eternal Bonds


Though being a virus capable of wreaking havoc, Messiah's actions ran on utter impulse and believed himself to be a superior life form compared to humans. As a result, he was very ill-tempered and impatient with Enter's progress despite the benefits of a cool-headed servant. While appearing as a large, disembodied transparent digital skull, it was actually a projection of the real Messiah who was located within the core of the Transport Research Center which served as both the Vaglass's base and as Messiah's inactive body.


Messiah Cell.jpg
  • Height: 203 cm
  • Weight: 287 kg

(メサイアセル Mesaia Seru) A physical extension of Messiah created when Enter used the resources at the Living Body Program Research Institute to evolve the virus. Messiah Cell's abilities include regeneration and recreating previous Metaloids the Go-Busters defeat and regenerate. However, as Red Buster destroys his main body, the other Go-Busters manage to destroy Messiah Cell.

Messiah Cell's summon Metaloids

Enter with the Messiah Cards

Messiah Cards

Messiah Cards (メサイアカード Mesaia Kādo) are data cards containing back-up data of the Messiah virus. Enter created these cards to repair the fragmentation of Messiah's original data caused by the incomplete back-up process. There are 13 cards in total and their primary function is to gather additional data to improve and evolve Messiah. This achieved by gathering data through assimilation of an object. Messiah Metaloid can also be created from non-organic targets.

Messiah Card 13, in particular, serves as a repository unit for the other data cards, capable of creating perfect duplicates of the host Avatar in the event of their destruction.

Messiah Metaloids

Being created from the Messiah Cards, the Messiah Metaloids act on their original self's desire to assimilate any form of data. Though the end result is that Messiah would begin manifest through them, Enter revealed that the Messiah Metaloids are the means for his own evolution into a new Messiah rather than the restoration of the original.


Messiah Reboot

  • Height: 960 m
  • Weight: 86400 t

Powers and Abilities


  • Armor: Messiah had powerful armor that let him withstand more attacks. It was so strong that Go-Buster Lioh's sword was initially only able to partially penetrate his chest, requiring the Go-Busters to use all their energy to force the blade completely through.
  • Face Transformation: Messiah could rearrange his facial features by retracting his visor.
  • Eye Lasers: Messiah could shoot red lasers from his eyes which were powerful enough to take down the Go-Buster King with just three hits and nearly destroy the Zords.
  • Lightning Blast: Messiah could shoot a blast of red lightning from his hand strong enough to nearly annihilate Go-Buster King.


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  • Antivirus: The Go-Busters were able to use an anti-virus to penetrate Messiah's armor and destroy him for good.


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Behind the Scenes



  • Messiah Cell was designed by character designer Tamotsu Shinohara whilst Messiah Reboot was designed by Yasuhiro Moriki.
  • Messiah had two leitmotifs: One being the second half of Enter's theme "Ca Va! Monsieur" and a more majestic and sinister version called "Evil Messiah" which is prominent in Messiah's evolution and the creation of Messiah Metaloids.


  • Messiah was named after the alternate name for Jesus Christ in reference to his desire to become a God like being.


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