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Messerjū (メッサージュウ Messājū, 1-31) is a Beastnoid of Neo Empire Gear, working alongside Doctor Man and the Big Three

Character History

Messer Beast is the first of the five Beastnoids to fight against Bioman, fighting with Mason during the original invasion of Technotopia 21 that lead to the awakening of Bio Robo and Peebo and the formation of the Sentai squadron. Assisting Mason and Farah (with one occasion alongside Monster), he was mostly rivals with Red1 and Blue3.

During the arrival of a meteor to Earth that interfered with Bioman's Super-Electron Brains, Messer Beast worked with the other four Beastnoids to crush Bioman in their hour of weakness. However, Doctor Man decides to weed out weaker Beastnoids by using his new weapon, the Neo Mecha-Gigan Metal Megas, to attack both the Beastnoids and Bioman in order to see who would survive while trying to crush his enemies. Messer Beast is destroyed by Metal Megas' firepower alongside Aquaiger, leaving behind only three surviving Beastnoids to continue the battle with the heroes for Gear.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 31: New Model!? Megas Arrives


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Powers and Abilities


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Messerjū is a falcon-faced gargoyle robot with the ability to fly and armed with supersonic waves and laser beams. He can fly at 700km/hr                                                       

Aquaiger and Messerju's remains after Metal Megas attacked.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


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  • According to Yutaka Izubuchi, the main character designer for Choudenshi Bioman, the reason both Messerjū and Aquaiger were killed off was because their appearance were the most "biological" out of all the Beastnoids and therefore would have been too expensive to make mechanical modifications to their suits.[1]
  • In the English adaptation of the show his name was changed to "Falconoid."



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