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  • Do not state as a fact that Trini and Zack are the MMPR in Grid Connection. That’s tantamount to adding speculation/false information.

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  • hello your theory for who the Mighty Morphin Rangers caught my attention on your discussion with Digifiend was looking through how many edits he's done and i couldn't resist in the Boom Studios comic version Trini and Jason switch roles in another dimension with Jason as Yellow and her as Red although with the other rangers who are still unknown theirs still a bunch of teams that no one has names to yet like the Squadron rangers and so on kind of like your theory i'm a fan to all shows like you and others to certain characters to and Trini was a fan favorite to everyone she was kind of cute during her film time may Thuy Trang live on in everyone she was my favorite to it breaks a lot of peoples hearts to know of her passing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a fan favorite to everyone i myself will be making a fan page on the fan site like tokufanon i will be making names for all those legendary rangers on there like Squadron Prism Blitz and so on

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