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Evorian Island Fortress

Mesogog's Island Fortress in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Mesogog's Island Fortress was Mesogog's base of operation.

Mesogog's Island Fortress was set on a mountainous island out at sea. The island was originally home to Anton Mercer's Lab, but the entire island was destroyed after a failed experiment, and sunk beneath the sea. Mesogog then brought it back in order to serve as his headquarters.

Mesogog's Island Fortress was destroyed by Hayley using the Triceramax Command Center Truck.Thunder Struck


Although from the outside, the island looked like nothing more than barren rocks, and there were still some trees left and the fortress was on the highest peak. Inside, the fortress was a cross between a scientific laboratory and an evil lair. In the main room was the Geno-Randomizer, along with shelves of test tubes and jars that were filled with colored liquids. There were several tables of scientific equipment, a screen which could be used to watch battles, and Mesogog's Throne.

There were also several corridors and cells which held prisoners including one with what looked like a gyroscope. Anton Mercer was imprisoned in that when Mesogog finally separated from him.

Most of the fortress' walls were painted black or another dark color, including the floors and ceilings. The lights were mainly yellow, and were set into the walls and into the ceiling.


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