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Crystal Clear UserThis character is also known as the adoptive father of Trent, Anton Mercer

"Find him. Whatever it takes."
―Mesogog's first lines, ordering the Tyrannodrones to find Tommy.[src]

"I have waited...far too long...to allow an insignificant teenager...to get in my way. Now....where are the Dino Gems?"
―Mesogog to the Yellow Dino Ranger.[src]

"You destroyed my plans of creating a perfect world. However, I was able to absorb enough Dino Gem energy to complete my transfiguration. Witness the face of your final battle."
―Mesogog's final speech.[src]

Mesogog is the main antagonist of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He was the uncontrollable humanoid dinosaur-like monster form of scientist Anton Mercer who wished to conquer the world and return it to the era of dinosaurs.




Mesogog is born during a scientific experiment.

Anton Mercer was on the verge of a scientific breakthrough during an experiment involving dinosaur DNA, when he was accidentally transformed into Mesogog, an evil mastermind with plans to revert the earth to the age of dinosaurs and turn the human race into reptilian creatures like himself. As a result of the accident Mesogog and Dr. Mercer were distinct personalities with the same body in a Jekyll-Hyde relationship. Each is aware of the other's existence, but also both dislike their situation (Dr. Mercer, for having a villainous alter-ego that he can barely control and Mesogog, for having a human half holding him back). In his Mesogog form, he was equipped with cybernetic technology and psionic powers that he uses to torture his enemies. Tvicon TV STORY-Copy That


Mesogog commanding the Tyrannodrones.

In order to enact his plans, Mesogog seized the Tyrannodrones, who were part of a dinosaur-related project that Tommy Oliver and Anton were making along with the Raptor Riders and the Biozords. When Tommy Oliver went to the island where Anton Mercer's Lab was, Mesogog sent the Tyrannodrones in an attempt to capture and/or kill Tommy while he also destroyed the island itself, during the explosion some of their experiments were scattered across the outskirts of Reefside (incluiding the eggs of some dino creatures), Tommy managed to escape and believed that Mesogog died in the explosion when in reality he went into hiding for a few years. Tvicon TV STORY-Day of the Dino

After the island where Anton Mercer's Lab was sank beneath the sea, Mesogog brought it back in order to serve as his headquarters for the future. Mesogog eventually came across the body of Terrance "Smitty" Smith, who was a partner of Tommy and was grievously injured by an explosion at his lab. He rebuilt him with cybernetic technology into a black armored cyborg who would later be known as "Zeltrax". Tvicon TV STORY-Bully for Ethan At some point Mesogog also captured a woman named Elsa and empowered her to serve him. Mesogog also learned that Anton Mercer had an adopted son, Trent, who would prove to be useful in the future.

Getting the Gems[]

Normal VIEWINGGLOBE-prdt-02-439

Mesogog punishing Zeltrax and Elsa.

Years later, in 2004, Mesogog resurfaces after three high-school students recover the Dino Gems, sending his Tyrannodrones to catch the students and recover the Gems for him. After the three students manage to beat Mesogog's army thanks to their new powers given by the Gems, Mesogog sends his Tyrannodrones one more time to capture one of the three students, this time he succeeds and captures Kira Ford. Mesogog meets Kira and asks her where are the Dino Gems but she tells her that she gave them away. Unfortunately for Mesogog, Kira then gets into a tussle with his henchwoman Elsa as she tries to run away from her and Zeltrax, finding an Invisiportal and getting away.

DT Mesogog

Mesogog hissing after punishing Elsa and Zeltrax for their failure.

The next day, Mesogog orders an attack on Reefside, freeing the Biozords so they can begin their rampage through the city streets. Zeltrax then arrives with his ship and begins his attack as commanded by Mesogog but Tommy Oliver and his three students show up, they then morph into the Dino Rangers, the Rangers then defeat the Tyrannodrones and Zeltrax. The Dino Rangers tame the Zords, form the Thundersaurus Megazord and destroy Zeltrax's ship with their Tyranno Drill. When Zeltrax returns to the Island Fortress, Mesogog punishes him and Elsa for their failure with a psionic brain-blast and warns them as a lesson that he doesn't take defeat lightly. Tvicon TV STORY-Day of the Dino

DT Tommy captured

Mesogog kidnaps Tommy Oliver.

After Mesogog realizes that Tommy found three eggs containing the unborn Raptor Riders, he orders to initiate the Geno-Randomizer and create a monster so he can stop Tommy from training the new dino creatures, unfortunately he's unsuccessful as Tommy manages to train the Raptor Riders and send them to aid the Rangers, who then quickly destroy his monster. Mesogog later finds a mysterious energy crystal stone that contained some great power but couldn't find a way to open it, so he sends his army to kidnap Tommy Oliver so that he can force him to help him open the stone. Tvicon TV STORY-Wave Goodbye Mesogog tortures Tommy by draining him with his life-force extractor while telling him that his goal was returning Earth to its prehistoric roots, when Tommy (who asks why Mesogog can't settle for world domination like all the other villains, although the prehistoric reversion may be his own method of doing so) continues to refuse helping Mesogog, he keeps draining his life. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power


Mesogog fights Tommy Oliver.

Just as Mesogog gives Tommy an ultimatum, the Ranger later go to his fortress in their Raptor Cycles to rescue Tommy. Mesogog meets the three Rangers in his fortress, but is stopped by his lackeys, though he and his army later confront the Rangers as they just freed Tommy from his captivity, with Mesogog taking on Tommy himself and beating him until he managed to steal the stone and run away with the Rangers through an invisiportal. When his lackeys follow the four heroes, Tommy uses the stone to block one of Zeltrax's attacks, revealing the stone to be the Black Dino Gem, which lets him transform into the Black Dino Ranger, adding a fourth Ranger to Mesogog's enemies. Tvicon TV STORY-Back in Black

Thunder Storm[]


Mesogog, Elsa, and Lothor in Mesogog's lab.

For some reason, Mesogog believed his first assault on Reefside would be credited to Lothor. It was never revealed if somebody actually suspected Lothor was involved with that. Mesogog eventually overcame his prejudices and teamed-up with Lothor when he discovered that he had "Evil Power Rangers". Mesogog was not fully allied with Lothor, because he did not trust him completely. When Lothor and Mesogog's team-up idea failed, Mesogog betrayed Lothor and shrunk him inside of a jar to add to his collection of experiments. (Lothor and his jar were presumably destroyed with Mesogog's lab at the end of the series.) However, Mesogog had previously told Elsa he already intended to get rid of Lothor even if the team-up resulted in a success. Tvicon TV STORY-Thunder Storm

Final Battle[]

Eventually Mesogog freed himself of his humanity by using a potion to separate out Dr. Anton Mercer. As a result, his insanity and determination increased as he creates his last and most powerful monster, a cycloptic amoeba-like monster called Ugly Monster. He also rid himself of Elsa when needing an energy supply to power his cannon. It took a bit of deception from the Rangers (using the Dino Gems as bait) to destroy the cannon and Mesogog's base.

In the second part of the two-part series final of Power Rangers Dino Thunder " Thunder Struck", Mesogog would later reappear after the Zords were destroyed as well as after the destructions of both Zeltrax his Zelzord, to which he appears in a garage-like area as Mesogog explains to the Rangers that while they did prevent him from creating a "perfect world", he was able to absorb enough energy from the Dino Gems to survive the explosion and complete his transfiguration, Mesogog then tells the Rangers to witness the face of their final battle and he 'evolve' into a self-replicating dinosaur-like monster, known as the Mesomonster. After a long and hard battle, the Mesomonster was shown to be far stronger then any other opponent the Dino Thunder Rangers had faced, even surviving the Triassic Battlizer's Battle Blast before duplicating. With no options left, the Rangers combined all of their Dino Gem energy to form a gigantic T-Rex of pure golden energy. With the Rangers holding the four Mesomonsters in place with beams of golden energy, the Rex charged forth and munched down on the monsters. The Rangers spun around and posed as the Rex exploded behind them, taking Mesogog out once and for all.

Despite this, Dr. Mercer fortunately survived the whole ordeal, and was thankful to the Dino Thunder Power Rangers (especially Tommy) at the series' end.


"You are weak Anton, weak... and pathetic. As long as I am alive, my plan to bring back our time of glory will go on as scheduled, Power Rangers or no Power Rangers."
―Mesogog to Anton Mercer.[src]

Mesogog (whilst mostly calm) was a villainous, cruel, cynical, sadistic, sinister, cold-blooded, psychopathic, monstrous, and ruthless terrorist that did anything in his power to ensure his dream of bringing the Earth back into the age of the dinosaurs. Mesogog was also highly authoritative and aggressive, as Elsa and Zeltrax feared him, enough to obey any order from him and try not to incur his wrath. He was also very abusive, oppressive, and merciless towards his minions, and punished them by telepathically attacking them if they failed him. Mesogog hated the Dino Thunder Power Rangers and stopped at nothing to destroy them. Despite his villainous tendencies, he also had a mature, polite, and sophisticated side although his politeness seemed more like hatred and abuse on his victims with it being kept as a facade for the sake of mocking them. Along with his sophisticated side, he had a very deadpan, cynical, and charmingly sarcastic sense of humor, making jokes or snide comments about other people whenever he felt like it. Despite Mesogog's appearance, he was also very intelligent, manipulative, deceptive, and a knowledgeable mastermind, being able to create very advanced technology and use them for his own benefits. He was also shown to be quite devious and an excellent master manipulator that could influence people all too well if he knew their weaknesses. He was also very confident, later heightened to arrogance, egomania, and narcissism, all of which were ironically his main weaknesses which led to his defeat by the Dino Rangers.

Mesogog had a considerable amount of hatred for his human counter-part, Anton Mercer, as much if not even more so than the Rangers. Mesogog had expressed sheer disgust for Mercer's kind and generous nature, with the latter always willing to help humanity. Like Elsa, Mesogog knew that Mercer was a weakness, but not solely because of his vulnerability as a human vessel; Mesogog also saw Mercer as an inconvenience and unnecessary influence over his actions that often kept Mesogog from completing his plans.

As a result of removing Mercer from his being, Mesogog's behavior took a more terrifying turn. No longer influenced by Mercer's humanity, elements of Mesogog's calm and stable psyche was all but shattered. What was left was a much more twisted, sadistic, and perhaps most notably, animalistic version of his former self. He took endless joy in tormenting Mercer, and was quick to make his minions expendable as seen when he sacrificed Elsa and her powers in order to supply energy to his transfiguration cannon with absolutely no hesitation or remorse. He still maintained his insane desire to return the world back to the era of the dinosaurs.

As the Mesomonster, Mesogog was far more destructive, monstrous, and violent. Having lost nearly every bit of sense in this form, he didn't talk, only speaking in growling noises, laughs, and roars.




Powers and Abilities[]


  • Power Bestowal and Enhancement: Mesogog was able to give Elsa her powers and increase them to add her to his cause.
  • Laser Vision: Mesogog's main ability where he could fire clear yellow energy lasers from his eyes.
    • Teleportation Cast: Mesogog's eye lasers were able to pull Zeltrax, Elsa, and Pollinator into the Island Fortress despite them being on the beach outside of Reefside.
    • Pain Inducement: Mesogog's laser vision could also inflict massive pain on the opponent's head.
  • Forehead Psionic Beam: By focusing energy, Mesogog could fire an orange or red psionic beam from his forehead that could torture his targets.
    • Container Imprisonment: Mesogog's psionic beam can imprison anything in containers, as seen when he trapped Lothor inside a water-filled bottle.
  • Forceful Takeover: Being created from Anton Mercer, Mesogog could force control away from his human host at will, but he lost this ability and no longer needed it after separating himself from his host.
  • Invisiportal: Mesogog was able to use an Invisiportal to teleport between Reefside and his Island Fortress.
  • Monster Creation: Mesogog could create monsters on his own even without the Geno-Randomizer, as seen when he fired blue and purple energy streams at a plant to turn it into the Jade Gladiator.
  • Energy Absorption: Mesogog could absorb energy from the Dino Gems in order to transform into his second form.
    • Mutation: Upon absorbing all of the Dino Gem energy, Mesogog could mutate into his ultimate form at will.


  • Power: As the absolute antagonist in Dino Thunder, Mesogog was stronger than any monster or villain in the entire season including Lothor and Super Zeltrax.
  • Strength: In the final part of the two-part team up episode "Thunder Storm", during his battle with Lothor, Mesogog demonstrated immense physical strength, since he was able to easily lift him over his head and toss him a very far distance.
  • Durability: Mesogog had thick skin that is quite durable as shown during his battle with Lothor, where the evil ninja's energy lasers had no effect on him. However, his most impressive display of power was when he survived the destruction of his own Island Fortress without a scratch despite being right in the middle of it.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combat: While Mesogog tended to rely more on his psionic abilities, he was exceptionally lethal in hand to hand combat. This was best demonstrated when he was able to match Lothor, a master ninja capable of easily defeating several martial arts masters, in a fight that ultimately ended with him as the victor.
  • Robotics Expert: Mesogog was also an expert in the robotics field since he was the one who rebuilt Terrence Smith as Zeltrax.


to be added


  • Claws: Whilst being the only main villain to lack a weapon, being a dinosaur, Mesogog had razor sharp claws to use in combat when fighting his enemies.
  • The Hydro Regenerator: Mesogog operated a rain cloud system known as the Hydro Regenerator which can grow monsters with its rain.
  • The Geno-Randomizer: Mesogog also operated a special system known as the Geno-Randomizer which can create monsters.
  • Separation Potion: Mesogog used a potion that can split Anton Mercer from him after drinking it.
  • Transfiguration Cannon: Mesogog used a mighty cannon as part of his endgame to try and turn the entire human race into human and dinosaur hybrids.
    • Power Absorption: The cannon was able to absorb Elsa's powers to fully work.
      • Teleportation Cast: After absorbing Elsa's powers, the cannon immediately teleported her away.

Mesomonster Full Body


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Lightning Breath: The Mesomonster could spew out powerful blue lightning from his mouth in the form of lightning balls, bolts, or blasts.
  • Shockwave Generation: The Mesomonster was able to generate strong white or orange colored shockwaves from his body.
  • Tongue Lash: The Mesomonster could stretch his tongue to great lengths to grab the other Rangers.
  • Self-Duplication: The Mesomonster had the ability to make multiple copies of himself by splitting his DNA in half and morphing his body up to at least four times.


  • Strength: In this form, the Mesomonster was far more powerful then any villains fought by the Dino Thunder Rangers. In the final battle, he was able to push a car at the Yellow Ranger with full force.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: In addition to his increased raw strength, the Mesomonster was also a more extremely skilled fighter, being able to counter all five Power Rangers with ease while being able to counter them.
  • Durability: The Mesomonster has nearly invulnerable skin, allowing him to withstand more attacks from his enemies without any harm. Even the Triassic Red Ranger's Triassic Battlizer's Battle Blast wasn't able to make a scratch on him and the only way the Dino Thunder Power Rangers were able to defeat him was by using all of their Dino Gem Energy.


to be added


  • Claws: The Mesomonster retained his claws for combat but they were much sharper.
  • Back Spikes: The Mesomonster can also use the spikes on his back to perform a back attack.
  • Tail: The Mesomonster had a new thick tail to whip and bash his foes quite effectively.










Behind the Scenes[]



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  • Mesogog's name comes from Mesozoic, the geological epoch in which dinosaurs flourished, and possibly demagogue, a leader who caters to the common people for the purpose of inciting revolt.


  • Mesogog was not derived from Abaranger and was an American exclusive villain.
    • This was because Abaranger’s main villain, Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya was barely in the series in-person since he was a parasite possessing other beings.
  • After separating from Anton Mercer, Mesogog's voice lost its lower pitch, becoming more of a hissing sound.
  • Mesogog is the first Final Villain in the Power Rangers series to not have any last lines before his destruction or defeated, as he was in his Mesomonster form before Mesogog was destroyed.
  • Mesogog might have been one of the most powerful villains in the Power Rangers franchise, being able to overwhelm all the Dino Thunder Power Rangers on every encounter, and was able to defeat another very powerful main villain (Lothor) without breaking a sweat.
  • Mesogog is the first Final Villain in the Power Rangers series to fight the Final Villain of the previous season.
  • Mesogog is one of two villains to fight and defeat another villain but without destroy him: he defeats Lothor and imprisons him in a jar as a trophy. The first is Diabolico when he defeats Queen Bansheera as banishing her in the demon tomb to avenge his friends Vypra and Loki. The difference is that Mesogog remains evil to the end whereas Diabolico redeems as helping the Rangers and avenging his friends.


Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

Legacy Wars Mesogog

Mesogog as seen in Legacy Wars

Mesogog is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. He is an Epic (Leader), Legendary (Assist) character.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Mesogog appears in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as an opponent in the expansion "Villains Pack #4: A Dark Turn". He is classified as a Boss.

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