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Merudameruda (メルダメルダ) is a Majin of the Space Pirates Balban under Spectral Empress Iliess

Character History

Merudameruda is Medoumedou's Lamia-themed sister; she is sent by Illiess to revive Daitanix using the fear of 22 people, trapping them within her necklace. Inside her necklace was a nightmarish dimension, which could invoke and drain the fear of those captured in it.

Among her victims is Yuriko, with her older brother Ichirou, calling the Majin out to bring his sister back from captivity. Merudameruda overpowers him, before Ryouma drives her away. However, when the Gingamen corner her, Merudameruda summons Gorgondia to overwhelm the Beast Armor Shine Gingamen. With Ichirou giving them time, the Gingamen create the Galeo Pulsar with the Lights of Ginga so Ginga Red can destroy Gorgondia. Though her cycle is destroyed, Merudameruda survives. With her victims freed, Merudameruda drinks her Barba-X to battle Super Armor Shine Gingaioh with her illusionary magic. However, GigaRhinos intervenes and Merudameruda is destroyed by Super Armor Shine Gingaioh.

Like with Medoumedou, Iliess showed no sadness, at the death of her daughter.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Merudameruda uses a whip and can summon snakes that grow in size at will; she also possesses a gem that absorbs those that show fear towards her as part of her plan to awaken Daitanix. Merudameruda likewise possesses a cobra-themed motorcycle known as Gorgondia.



concept art

  • Merudameruda's suit is a rebuilt and repainted version of Medoumedou's suit.
  • Her motif is that of the Lamia.
    • Though this version is based of the Lamiai which is a half-woman half-snake phantom.

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