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Merlin is the royal wizard of Camelot and the one who created the Morph Gems for Battle Knights. 

Meeting Alpha 55

Once he spotted Alpha sneaking into the castle and confronted him, they began sharing information on the Rangers, the Knights and everyone's connection to the Universal Morphin Grid. Merlin then explained to Lady Guinevere that the Rangers are time traveling heroes who are in need of help, not just in repairing their ship, but also for a way in finding their missing leader. At dinner, Merlin explained the story of the Red Dragon to Jack, and the next day, the Rangers went on to help Lady Guinevere and Sir Edward Banks II in slaying the Red Dragon and rescue King Arthur once and for all. 


  • Like Zordon of Eltar, Merlin of Camelot is a great wizard with tremendous wisdom and mastery of and over the Universal Morphin Grid. 
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