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Merle is a planet who possess a race of powerful, good-natured aliens with incredible abilities, including sprouting flowers with a wave of their hands and the ability to pacify both man and beast with merely a smile and the soothing sound of their voice. Because he saw their power as a massive threat to his own, Star King Bazoo destroyed Merle and appeared to kill all it's inhabitants as the very first planet of conquest during his campaign to take over the entire universe.

However, the Merlian Memory Doll, an artifact similar in shape to a Merlian, had been stored to possess the offspring of all of the Merlians who were born about the time of the planet's destruction by Bazoo. The doll sent the surviving babies throughout the universe, in hopes of keeping the race alive even without a homeworld to call their own.


Merlian Memory Doll

One of the Merlians arrived on Earth, where she was given the name of Sakura and lived an ordinary life until her powers became targeted by Bazoo during his conquest of Earth. After the Changeman defeat his forces and protect her, Sakura headed into space to search for other Merlian survivors that remain.Ep. 16: The Girl Who Had Wings!

The Memory Doll of Merle becomes instrumental in the final defeat of Bazoo, with it used to weaken him after it is rebuilt and grown by Gyodai by the Changeman tricking him through its destruction.Final Ep.: Farewell, Friends of Space!

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