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""Is this that Twinkle joint? I'm here to get some tasty food!""
―Merg Arita's first words when entering the Bistrot Jurer and wanting food.[src]

""You've really done it now, you rotten thieves!""
―Merg Arita after recovering from having everyone ejected out of his stomach and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

""Now this is nice! I can eat the whole city now!""
―Merg Arita when enlarged.[src]

"I wish I could've gotten dessert...!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Merg Arita (メルグ・アリータ Merugu Arīta) was a giant anteater-themed Gangler Monster of the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "All your love/Tout ton amour" treasure from the Lupin Collection.


Merg Arita was first seen demanding food at the Bistrot Jurer (the hideout for the Lupinrangers) and good some after he took a young boy hostage. However, he was after people and not regular food so ate the chef that served him the grub. Soon after, he was confronted by the Lupinrangers who morphed and they battled against him and his whip. They were evenly matched until he entangled Tooma and ate him. He tried to eat Umika but Kairi pushed her out of the way and was eaten instead. Having exposed Umika's fear of consumption, but thinking that she had left, he took the menu and walked out of the restaurant.

He later attacked some citizens at a resturant where Sakuya was having a date with Umika and tried to eat a woman but he morphed into Patren 2gou and forced him away. They took the fight outside and fought in the forest where he quickly overwhelmed Sakuya but was stopped from eating him by being shot in the chest by the others Patrangers He battled them but was quickly restrained by Keiichiro and Tsukasa so Sakuya could shoot him a lot in the face and chest as revenge for ruining his date. However, before they could finish him off, Umika (in her disguise) took down Sakuya and stole Arita's treasure which caused him to eject everyone and everything that he had consumed. After they reunited, the three Lupinrangers morphed and battled Arita, easily taking him down with multiple energy slashes from their X Rod Swords. They then finished him off with thier Thief Boost attack.

He was enlarged by Goche and went to eat all of Tokyo so GoodStriker arrived. Being tired from his ordeal, Kairi shooed him away and the Lupinrangers left so he went to the Patrangers who summoned their Trigger Machines and formed PatKaiser. They tried getting the upper hand with their machine gun arm but Merg deflected the bullets with his whip before tying them up and squeezing their Mecha to the point of near destruction. However, Keiichiro summoned Trigger Machine Biker who slammed into his face and knocked him down before they formed PatKaiser Biker. He proved to be no match and was restrained by the bike wheel yoyo before being killed by the PatKaiser Lock-Up Strike.


He was a foodie who enjoys consuming people who eat gourmet food.

Powers and Abilities


  • Belly mouth: Merg has a belly mouth that allows him to consume food. Using the "All your love/Tout ton amour" treasure equipped within his safe, he was able to infinitely expand his stomach's available space, allowing him to consume anyone or anything into his belly mouth.
  • Energy Slashes-Merg Arita can fire purple energy slashes from his hands.


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  • Veloce Whip (ベローチェウィップ Berōche Wippu): In combat, Merg Arita wields a tongue-like whip.
  • Talons: Merg Arita has large talons on his left hand which he can swipe his enemies with.


  • Criminal Record: Devouring humans, Dine and Dash
  • Lupin Collection: "All your love/Tout ton amour" lamp
  • Gangler Safe Location: Left Forearm
  • Password Number: 1-2-8

Behind the Scenes


Merg Arita is voiced by Hidenari Ugaki (宇垣秀成 Ugaki Hidenari), who had previously voiced Visionary Messenger Voffa from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. His suit actor is Masato Tsutamune (蔦宗正人 Tsutamune Masato).


  • Merg Arita is based on an anteater and an ant.

Concept Art


"Merg Arita" is a pun on "margarita". "Merg" (メルグ Merugu) is also a syllable rearrangement of the Japanese word for "gourmet" (グルメ Gurume). "Ari" in his name comes from the Japanese word for "ant" ( Ari), referencing his anteater motif.


  • The password on his safe is a numeral pun on "want to eat".


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External links

TV Asahi's Page on Merg Arita


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