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"I came to check your corpses; but it seems you survived. Dornero put a bounty on your heads."
―Mercenary Org's first words
"The five of you together are 250 million. Do you think I'll let you escape?!"
―Mecenary Org's first words being enlarged

Mercanary Org (傭兵・オーグ Yōhei Ōgu) is a professional assassin. Don Dolnero promised 25 million to him if he killed the Timerangers. Possessing Herculean strength, he carries a broadsword and shoots lasers from his eyes in battle. Brought in by TimeRobo Alpha.


concept art

  • His name is a pun on the word "ogre".
  • Also, his motif is also the one of an Oni
  • Depression Seals Location: Right Arm

See Also

  • Bats - His identical uncle.
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