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"Ha ha ha. I never liked that building."
―Memorase's first words when destroying a building.[src]

"You Rangers are going to pay for this."
―Memorase's final words before his first demise.[src]

"I don't believe it. I've been defeated."
―Memorase's final words before his demise.

Memorase is an orca-themed demon, in the service of Diabolico and the primary antagonist of the episode "The Last Ranger".


Memorase was sent by Diabolico to destroy Mariner Bay. Memorase first attacks Mariner Bay to lure out the Power Rangers. The Rangers (with the exception of Dana as she stayed behind to help a boy) encounter the monster and did battle with their V-Lancers, but they were all out matched, he then erased Carter, Chad, Joel and Kelsey's memories of being Lightspeed Power Rangers and teleports away.

He returns to the city along with his master Diabolico and attacks Mariner Bay once again, Dana tries to take him on her own but she was quickly outmatched. The other Rangers (with the exception of Carter for he had not gotten his memories back) comes in to aid her, but Memorase summons an army of Batlings to keep them busy. He knocks Dana out of her Ranger mode and as much as she tried, she was still outmatched. Memorase was about to make the fatal blow on Dana until Carter (who had just regained his memories) came to the rescue and kicked the demon away. Dana morphed into the Pink Ranger and gives Memorase a mighty kick. The demon was no match for Carter and Dana's teamwork and after Kelsey, Joel and Chad fought off all of the Batlings, they destroyed him with the Thermal Blaster Booster Mode. Jinxer revived him as a giant and the Rangers summon the Lightspeed Megazord and the Max Solarzord to form the Lightspeed Solarzord and did battle with Memorase. He attempted to use his Mega Blast attack on the Zord, but it had no effect on the Megazord as it just absorbed it. With its cannons charged, the Lightspeed Solarzord fired its Mega Cannons and ultimately destroys Memorase once and for all.


Memorase was cold, ruthless, and (like most demons in Lightspeed Rescue) took great pleasure in destroying the Power Rangers. He was very cunning and intelligent, by brainwashing them and erasing their memories of being Rangers, albeit temporarily. He was also highly arrogant and confident and underestimated the heroes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Memorase can teleport to any location at will.
  • Master Fighter: Memorase is one of the greatest fighters in Lightspeed Rescue, being able to easily cut through the Rangers with their V-Lancers. He was also easily able to knock down all five using his cape.


  • Super Strength: Being one of the most powerful monsters of Lightspeed Rescue, Memorase is extremely strong. Single slashes of his bladed staff easily knocked down Chad and Kelsey. After knocking them down with his Mega Blast, he could easily flip Kelsey and Joel to the ground. When fighting Dana, one slash sent her spinning to the ground and he could pin her to the ground with just one foot. After the Battlings attacked the others, he easily pinned Dana to the ground with his staff and a single slash would have killed her if Carter had not intervened.
  • Resilience: Although he was not seen taking any energy attacks, since he blocked them, he was easily able to get back up from blows delivered by Dana and Carter leaping at him.
  • Batling Summoning: Memorase can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle. He can also summon them by snapping his fingers, which he did when Joel attempted a jumping attack on him.


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  • Double Bladed Staff: Memorase is armed with a double-bladed staff that aids him in combat. It is strong enough to block both Carter's Thermo Blaster and the other Ranger's Rescue Blasters at once.
    • Energy Balls: Memorase can charge up his staff with red or pink energy and fire energy balls of any of those same colors from it. They are strong enough to take down buildings in one shot.
    • Memory Whip: As his name applies, with a swing of his staff, he can emanate a high pitch wave that can erase any people's memory.
    • Energy Waves: Memorase can also fire red colored energy waves from his staff.
    • Mega Blast: Memorase's strongest attack. By flashing his eyes, he can swing his staff in full force and fire a red colored energy blast. It is powerful enough to take out a whole row of buildings in one blast and wipe out four of the Rangers with only three waves.
  • Demon Cape: Memorase possesses a cape that also holds several abilities.
    • Instant Teleportation: Memorase can twirl his cloak to vanish and leave it on the ground whilst he teleported.
    • Throwing Weapon: Memorase can throw his cloak as a distraction so that he can attack the Rangers.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Memorase's name comes from the words Memory and Erase, which actually fits due to his purpose role in the episode.


  • In the corresponding GoGoFive episode, the reason why Memorase's equivalent couldn't fight Dana's equivalent is due to a weakness that putters his moves when fighting a woman; this obviously was changed due to Lightspeed Rescue having two females, of which Kelsey is affected by his initial attack and Dana was not.
  • He speaks with an Australian accent.
  • Memorase is one of the most powerful monsters of Lightspeed Rescue, crippling every Ranger (except for Dana) and easily being able to take out large numbers of buildings with a single attack. After Diabolico ordered him to destroy the city, his attacks were clearly shown anihalating large swathes of Mariner Bay.


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