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"Haha! At your service."
―Meltatron's first words.[src]

"I'm having a meltdown!"
―Meltatron's last words before destruction.[src]

The tank of acid used to create him.

Meltatron is a spray can/acid-themed Robotron created by Scrozzle from a tank of acid in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Meltatron was created by Scrozzle when he infected an acid tank in the Cyber Dimension. He along with Roxy were tasked with retrieving Slicerdrone. He was later tasked with destroying the Rangers while they were trapped in the hangar. But Ravi was able to throw Devon out of the shutting door allowing him to escape. Devon and Cruise later attempted to use Beast Racer Zord to free the other Rangers but were interrupted when Meltadrone put their plan of rescue to a halt. While Devon fought against MeltadroneZoey and Ravi were able to obliterate his extinguisher after three shots from Zoey's Beast-X Blaster and destroy Meltatron with their Beast-X Cannons. Afterwards both Slicerdrone and Meltadrone were finally destroyed by the newly formed Beast-X MegazordHangar Heist



  • Acid Extinguisher: Meltatron wields an arm-mounted extinguisher in combat which has been modified to spray an acidic mist so that if it made contact with any metal objects, they will melt. This included a steel girder and may have killed Ravi and Zoey had it hit them.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is the first Robotron to be created off-screen.
  • Meltatron is easily the weakest Robotron so far in the franchise, having no special abilities and being pretty easily destroyed with the only threat he posed coming from his acid sprayer.
  • Meltatron speaks with a pronounced lisp similar to that of Daffy Duck.
  • Meltatron is one of the Robotrons to appear with the Gigadrone counterpart at the same time.

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