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"Morphing Beta Model into Meltadrone!"
―Scrozzle creating Meltadrone.[src]

Meltadrone was a Beta Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, created from the data of Meltatron.


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Meltadrone is created when Roxy hears that Devon has been able to escape the hangar and orders Scrozzle to work on a Gigadrone to destroy him. Meltadrone was teleported to the exterior of the secret hangar where Slicerdrone was being held just as the Racer Zord arrived to free the other two Rangers from the hanger. The Gigadrone damages the Zord's sword with acid, melting it into uselessness but Devon uses it to his advantage by forcing its spray gun-like arm to shoot acid onto the hanger doors, thus freeing the trapped Rangers at the last second. Both Meltadrone and the recently released Slicerdrone team up and fire on the Zords but they are barely fazed and form the Beast-X Megazord. Slicerdrone and Meltadrone bombard it with missiles and acid mist respectively but a shield protects the Zords and a reflected missile stops them. After forming the Megazord, the Rangers block the two Gigadrones' attacks with an energy shield before trapping them in a force field. They then finish off Meltadrone and Slicerdrone with the Beast-X Hyper Strike, causing them to fall onto their sides and explode.

Powers and Abilities


  • Finger Acid Mist: Meltadrone could fire a white acidic mist from its fingertips just like Meltatron but could change its size to make it stronger. The acid was strong enough to melt the Racer Zord's sword into uselessness and destroy the hangar doors.


  • Strength: Meltadrone was able to easily overwhelm the Racer Zord by itself and all three Zords when working with Slicerdrone.
  • Armor: Meltadrone had thick armor that was blasted by the Chopper Zord's Rapid Blast and barely even stumbled back.


  • Exploitable Acid Spray Gun: Meltadrone's acid spray gun can be used by opponents to their advantage, as seen when Devon (in his Racer Zord) used it to melt the hangar hatch for Ravi and Zoey to escape through.


  • Arm Acid Spray Gun: Meltadrone had a spray gun on its right arm to fire its acidic mist.

Behind the Scenes


  • Like Meltatron, Meltadrone was voiced by Ashton Brown but he only communicated in grunts.


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