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"Morphing Beta Model into Meltadrone!"
―Scrozzle creating Meltadrone.[src]


Meltadrone is a Gigadrone Beta Model, created from the data of Meltatron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

It was created when Roxy heard that the Devon was able to escape the hangar. It teleported to the location just as the Racer Zord arrived to free the other trapped rangers from the hanger. It had damaged the zord's sword, but Devon used it to his advantage by forcing the Acid-shooting arm to spray acid onto the hanger doors, managing to free the trapped Rangers at the last second. Both Meltadrone and the recently released Slicerdrone teamed up but were shortly destroyed by the Beast-X Megazord.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Meltadrone is an extremely powerful Gigadrone, being able to easily overwhelm the Racer Zord by itself and all three Zords when working with Slicerdrone.
  • Durability-Meltadrone has thick enough armour to be blasted by the Chopper Zord's Rapid Blast and barely even stumble.


  • Spray Gun: Meltadrone has an acid spraygun on its arm to fire an acidic mist, just like Meltatron. The acid was strong enough to melt the Racer Zord's sword.

Behind the Scenes


  • The drone does not speak but its grunts are provided by Meltatron's voice actor, Ashton Brown.


  • It was the first Gigadrone that fought alongside another Gigadrone.

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