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Meghan Camarena is an American actress and YouTube personality who played Chloe Ashford, the Pink Ranger in the Twitch RPG Power Rangers HyperForce. She is more well known on YouTube under the pseudonym Strawburry17.


Camarena grew up in Modesto, California with two older half-brothers and two younger twin-brothers. She often took care of her siblings while their father was away due to her mother's physical health problems. This led to Camrena leading a life of depression and alcoholism, including an on-and-off relationship with a boyfriend. Thanks to her grandmother, she later found God and joined a Bible study program in college.

During her time with the bible study program, she began learning video production and was inspired to start up a YouTube channel under her current pseudonym, a name inspired by the cartoon Strawberry Shortcake. Since then, she has collaborated with several other YouTubers, one noticeably being Joey Graceffa.

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  • Meghan is credited by her online alias, "Strawburry19" during the opening and closing credits of Power Rangers HyperForce.
  • Meghan participated in the 22nd season of The Amazing Race with Joey Graceffa, where they finished in 5th. She and Joey also participated in the second all-star season of The Amazing Race where they finished in 9th.

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