Icon-zyurangerIcon-mmpr This article is about a set of toys based on a robo/Megazord in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Dino Megazord & Daizyuzin


This article covers toys that depict Shinka Gattai Daizyuzin (Zyuranger) also known as Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).

Deluxe Versions

Deluxe Release


The first Daizyujin

by Bandai Japan (1992)
by Bandai America (1993)

Daizyujin was released in Japan with accurate stickers and a chrome sword. The mecha was show-accurate with the ability to go from tank mode to robo mode. It included cannons and a sword.


The original Deluxe Megazord

Megazord was a rerelease of the Zyuranger Daizyujin. This was rereleased in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line with new decals. The "Megazord" Toy was released in the Fall of 1993. The toy featured several unusual decal changes, most of which involved changing the red decals found on the Sabre-Tooth Tiger to a dull cyan.

Black version (MMPR)

by Bandai Japan (1992)
by Bandai America (1994)

The deluxe version also saw a special black repaint release. It had gold decals. In either form, the decals follow the show-accurate designs. As a Power Rangers toy it was released as Special Edition Megazord.

Vehicle Zord System Release (MMPR)

by Bandai America (2010)
by Bandai America (2013)
by Bandai America (2015)

In 2010, a new mold to go with the toyline for the remastered series was released, with some conversion modifications, as well as the ability to combine with non-canon toy-exclusive vehicles. The new mold is noticeable more simple compared to the original toy, such as combining previous multiple parts, as well as being much smaller. Due to this, it is not compatible with the Dragonzord or Titanus from the 1993 toyline, though it can, however, combine with any of the other Megazords released in the Zord Builder toy line. The 2010 release officially renamed the mecha to "Dino Megazord" so as to set it apart from other Megazords. They also made the stickers accurate to the show. Unfortunately, the 2010 Megazord lacks too much detail from the original 1992/1993 Megazord. Examples include: The tip of the tail on the Tyrannosaurus does not collapse, The tusks on the Mastodon can not go up and down, the wheels on the Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger are hollow and can not move, the tail guns on the Triceratops can not move, and the back of the Megazord's arms are hollow and need to be swapped when combing the zords into the Tank Mode. Also, all of the chrome is not present.

This version of the toy was rereleased again in 2013 as the Legacy Megazord for the Power Rangers 20 toyline. This version of the toy uses the same mold as the 2010 toy, though it has diecast metal parts, chrome parts, accurately painted details, a hard plastic chrome sword like 1992's Daizyunjin and the 1993 Megazord, and package that replicates the original 1993 Megazord's packaging. The Legacy Megazord box has stats which include the following- Height: 333 ft.; Weight: 172,000 lbs.; Power: 50,000 megavolts; Weapons: Titanium Power Sword, Laser Emitting Eyes, Mammoth Shield, Power Punch Missiles, Thunder Cannons, and Pterodactyl Chest Plate. Both the 2010 & 2013 releases are compatible with the 2014 release of Dragonzord and Titanus.

The Legacy Megazord was reissued for 2015. The major changes include stickers being already applied to the mold, the handle of the Power Sword fitting much easier into the fists and the box containing minor alterations.

In Fall 2015, a black & gold version of the Legacy Megazord was released, it is a reproduction of the Black and Gold Daizyujin from 1992 & the Special Edition release of the original Megazord from 1994. It has the same updates that the 2015 re-release of the normal Legacy Megazord has.

Soul of Chogokin

by Bandai Japan (2017)

At Power Morphicon a Soul of Chogokin version of Daizyujin/Megazord was announced with the individual zords shown while at NYCC 2016 the full combined form was shown. It was released in April 2017. Just like the original DX & the 2010/Legacy releases it's able to combine to form the tank mode and Megazord. Unlike the previous releases the Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, & Sabertooth Tiger have a ton of articulation like fully articulated legs, the Triceratops has detachable horns with chains just like in both shows, the Mastodon has a fully articulated trunk and shoulder panels covering the legs, the Tyrannosaurus has 3d mouth blasters, fully articulated arms & tail, & the Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger have opening mouths which all previous releases lacked. It's not compatible with the Legacy Dragonzord or Titanus. The individual zords resemble the scale models used in footage in both Zyuranger & MMPR Season 1 and the Tyrannosaurus also resembles the suit used during stand-alone fights with monsters while the like 2010 Dino Megazord/all releases of the Legacy Megazord when in Megazord mode resembles the suit used in both shows. The Pterodactyl also like the previous releases can also use the cannons as feet. This release is also not zord builder compatible nor is compatible with the original releases either. The Big wheels on the Sabertooth Tiger's front legs don't move.

Buildable Megazord

by Hasbro (2020)

Hasbro released their own version of the Megazord by selling each zords seperately similar to how the components of Daizyujin were also sold in Japan along side the set. The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord comes with the Power Sword, while the Triceratops & Sabertooth Tiger are sold together, & the Mastodon & Pterodactyl are sold together & come with the canons that like with prievous releases can be used as feet for the Pterodactyl. The paint job is basic, the Tyrannosaurus has pegs on the knees similar to the 2010 & Legacy releases & the tip of the tail doesn't fold up as its one solid piece, while the Triceratops & Sabertooth Tiger also has non moveable wheels similar to the 2010 & legacy releases along with the Triceratop's tail being one piece with non moveable guns. When combined in the tank mode it differs from previous releases, & when in Megazord mode it's taller than the 2010 & Legacy releases. However similar to the 2010, Legacy, & Soul of Chogokin releases it resembles the sleek suit design, and like the Soul of Chogokin release it also has articulated elbows. The components do also come with show accurate markings like some previous releases too.

Smaller Transforming Sets

Plastic Model Kit (MMPR)

by Bandai Asia (1994)

The Plastic Model Kit of Megazord was by released per individual zords. The plastic used was only grey, red, yellow and blue. The set had complete show-accurate decals. The transformation to Megazord mode was identical to the deluxe release except that the Tyrannosaurus and Megazord heads were interchangeable (instead of hinged to each other), and the Mastodon legs and Megazord arms were also interchangeable (as opposed to being two sides of a spin-joint). It also lacked the cannons.

Mix n Morph


Mix & Morph

by Bandai Asia (2009)

Dino Megazord was released with a Red Ranger figure for the Mix & Morph subline of the MMPR toyline. The figure could separate at the head, arms, and waist to form other combos with other Megazords from the line, or even the Rangers.

It was later rereleased in the Mix & Morph Megazord pack with all the other Megazords in the line.

Joint Gattai Series

by Bandai Japan (2011)

Daizyujin was released as part of the Joint Gattai series of fully interchangeable mecha parts. It can combine with any other Joint Gattai mecha, similar to Mugenbine.

Super Mini Pla Megazord

by Bandai Japan (2017)

This super mini pla was also released in Japan too as the Super Mini Pla DaiZyujin. The set had complete show-accurate decals with the option to paint the parts. The transformation to Megazord mode was identical to previous deluxe releases except that the Tyrannosaurus and Megazord heads were interchangeable (instead of hinged to each other) similar to the 1994 Bandai Asia model kit release, the Sabertooth Dinozord has movable wheels like the original deluxe release, the Triceratops Dinozord comes with movable guns like the original deluxe & Soul of Chogokin releases. When combined also similar to the Soul of Chogokin release comes with tons of articulation including with the elbows, ankles, & head rotation resembling the suit used in the series. The individual zords also resemble the scale models used in the show while the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord resembles the suit used in stand alone fights with some monsters. Can morph from Tank Mode to Megazord mode also like other releases like in the show. Comes with the power sword & mastodon shield, & can combine with the Super Mini Pla Dragonzord to form either the Dragonzord in Battle Mode, or Mega Dragonzord and both combine with the Super Mini Pla Titanus to form the Ultrazord.

Non-deluxe large Megazords

Puradera/Special Size Megazords

by Bandai Japan (1992)
by Bandai America (1993)

The Puradera[1] Megazord was designed to look a bit closer to the screen version. The Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon and Pterodactyl parts do not transform. The Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops can be removed to form simplified versions of the zord forms.

Under Power Rangers, it was not marketed as 'Special Size', however, it fell under the same category of toys as those that followed it. It was also released with decals matching the Deluxe version.

Remote Control Megazord


Remote Megazord

by Marchon (1993)

A 14-inch moving version of the Megazord with sounds. It is battery-operated and can be controlled with a wire stick.

The Megazord has lights and sounds. A design flaw is that its shoulderpads are down instead of up.

I/R Air Attack Megazord


Air Attack Megazord

Part of Bandai's Skybots line, the Air Attack Megazord is fully infrared radio controlled. It flies forward, up, down left and right. Rechargeable through transmitter. The Megazord stands at 7-inches and has twin propellers.

Gigantic Series Daizyujin

by Bandai Japan (2016)

Part of the SHFiguarts Gignatic Series a 15-inch Daizyujin was released in July 2016. It resembles the suit used in the show, comes with 2 sets of interchangeable hands one set which are default on the figure are the fists and the hands for holding the god horn & mammoth shield, the god horn, the mammoth shield, and a display stand. The articulation is limited to the hands, arms, & head and doesn't transform at all.

10 inch Megazord Figure

by Hasbro (2020)

Hasbro also released a 10 inch figure of the Megazord as part of its Megazord figure line while it resembles the suit in the show it has a basic paint job, limited articulation in the arms, & comes with the power sword.

Action Figures

Action figures have no transformation or combiner capabilities. However they have points of articulation for multiple poses.

Retrofire Megazord (Super Legends)



by Bandai America (2009)

The Megazord was released as 'Mighty Morphin Megazord' for the Retrofire Megazords series. It was heavily stylized and featured elongated design elements. It was released to coincide with the Power Rangers RPM toyline. It featured a sword, a shield, and a flight stand- the base of which was the Power Rangers lightning bolt.

Ranger Adventure Set (MMPRv2)


Adventure set Megazord

by Bandai America (2010)

This Megazord is a less-detailed 5-inch action figure with only arm poseability. It comes with new collectible figures of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. By default, it retroactively 'starts' the 5-inch action figure line of Megazords, which officially began with Power Rangers Zeo and continued in the Adventure Sets.

Super Robot Chogokin


SRC Daizyujin

by Bandai Japan (2012)

Daizyujin got a Super Robot Chogokin release in 2012. It is a semi-stylized take on the mecha with accurate detailing. In the series, Daizyujin is the only figure released without any form of Gokaiger counterpart.

The figure also comes with a sword and Mammoth shield. The North American version came out a month after the original Japanese release as the Megazord. The packaging was identical to its Japanese counterpart minus the Zyuranger logos & replaced with the MMPR logos this was released as part of the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers.

Legacy Collection

by Bandai America (2016)
by Bandai America (2017)

As part of the Legacy collection for each power rangers season which features a piece to build a megazord the MMPR rangers each have a piece to form their Megazord. Currently only the Red Ranger comes with the upper torso released as part of wave 1 alongside the Green Ranger & the Ninja Storm Ranger team, the Pink Ranger comes with the right arm, the Black Ranger comes with the left arm, the Blue Ranger comes with the left leg which are wave 2 which were released alongside the red & yellow space rangers, & last the Yellow Ranger will come with the right leg as part of wave 3. Only the former are available at the moment while the latter will be released in 2017. At Power Morphicon a black and gold version in the style similar to the DX Black and Gold Daizyujin, Deluxe Special Edition Megazord, and Black & Gold Legacy Megazord was released as a limited edition item while the power sword for the Megazord came with the SDCC release of the Red Ranger.

Mini Collectible Figures

Party Favor Set

by KiDZ (1994)

A 2-inch figurine of Megazord was released in a 4-pack of mini-figures along with a Dragonzord and two pre-posed Red Ranger figures.

Also mini-versions of Mastodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl were released in a 4-pack.

Micro Machines

by Galoob (1993)

The Megazord and its components were released in the Micro Machines line.

  • Megazord - #3 Megazord vs. Squatt Collection
  • Tyrannosaurus - #1 Red Ranger Collection
  • Mastodon - #2 Black Ranger Collection
  • Triceratops - #3 Blue Ranger Collection
  • Sabertooth Tiger - #4 Yellow Ranger Collection
  • Pterodactyl - #5 Pink Ranger Collection
  • Individual zords - Dinozord Power Collector's Set
  • Black/red Megazord - Mega Battle Collector's Set

Robo Sentai Collection


Die-cast Daizyujin


Gold Daizyujin

by Bandai Japan (1994)

Coinciding with the Dairanger release, Daizyujin was released as the #01 in the Robo Sentai Collection line. The figure had a die-cast (chogokin) body and movable plastic arms. A gold variant was also released.

Stylized Ranger Set (MMPRv2)


SD Megazord

by Bandai America (2010)

The reversioned MMPR also brought with it a series of super-deformed figures. The Dino Megazord was one of them and it was released with a Dragon Shield Red Ranger figure.

Gashapon Figures

Gashapon HG: Advanced Super Sentai World


Advanced World

by Bandai Japan

Daizyujin was released as a Gashapon figure in the Advanced Super Sentai World (ガシャポンHG スーパー戦隊アドバンスドワールド ) line with a stylized look sporting a freed Tyranno tail.

Super Sentai Robo Figures Keychains


SD Keychain

by Bandai Japan

Daizyujin was released as an SD keychain figurine alongside other sentai robos in the premiere series of Super Sentai Robo Figures Keychains (スーパー戦隊ロボ フィギュアキーホルダー ). Subsequent releases from other lines could also be included.


  1. Puradera Megazord explained in PR Megazord article.
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